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Contract Opportunity
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July 12, 2022, 12:10 p.m.
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Command Center Renovation

Government Publishing Office
Plant Operations, Engineering Division
732 North Capitol Street Washington, DC 20401

Prepared by: Denver Terrance, AIA




BACKGROUND: U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), Security Services Command Center is
vital to the security and safety. The existing command center is out dated and does not meet the
existing requirements. The renovation includes enlarging the command center and rollcall room,
add a weapons cleaning area along with the adjacent office renovation.

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: US Government Publishing Office, 732 North Capitol Street NW,
Washington DC 20401

SUMMARY OF WORK: Provide labor, material, equipment, and supervision required to renovate
the GPO Command Center. Attached drawings included the detail scope of the project. The
command center monitors the security, communication and life safety systems. The security,
communication and life safety systems capabilities are required to remain operational.

STANDARDS OF CONDCT: When the Contractor is onsite at a federal building, the Contractor
shall be responsible for maintaining satisfactory standards of employee competency, conduct,
appearance, and integrity. Each employee or supervisor of the Contractor is expected to adhere
to the rules associated with that federal building, and to adhere to standards of behavior that
reflect credit on themselves, their employer, and the Federal Government.


Entry Requirements:

The contractor shall exchange his/her valid federal or state identification for a GPO
Visitor’s Badge for entry to GPO
Expired identification shall not be acceptable forms of ID
Under no circumstances shall a visitor be granted access to GPO without proper
The Visitor’s Badge shall be visible at all times as safety allows
Contractors shall be escorted at all times and/or in line of sight of the escort in the
work area.

*Contractors are required to wear a mask while at GPO. Upon entering the building temperature
screening is required.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Regular working hours must consist of an 8 hour period established by
the COR, between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Work Outside Regular Hours. Work outside regular working hours requires COR approval.

01 01 00 - 2

Make application 2 calendar days prior to such work to allow arrangements to be made by the
Government for inspecting the work in progress, giving the specific dates, hours, location, type of
work to be performed, contract number and project title. Based on the justification provided, the
Contracting Officer may approve work outside regular hours

Work that impacts GPO service and/or operation may require work shall be performed outside of
normal working hours. These activities may require weekend work.

During periods of darkness, the different parts of the work must be lighted in an approved

PARKING: Parking is the responsibility of the contractor. However, GPO has a limited number of
parking and may be able to provide parking at a cost to the contractor.

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Contractor shall provide a complete and usable facility on or by
December 1, 2021.

ORGANIZATIONAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST (OCI): The primary purpose of this clause is to aid in
ensuring that- (a) The Contractor's objectivity and judgment are not biased because of its
present, or future interests, (financial, contractual, organizational, or otherwise) associated with
work under this contract;

(b) The Contractor does not obtain an unfair competitive advantage by virtue of its access to
non-public information regarding the Government's program plans and actual or anticipated

(c) The Contractor does not obtain any unfair competitive advantage by virtue of its access to
proprietary information belonging to others;

(d) The Contractor will be ineligible to participate in any capacity in contracts, subcontracts, or
proposals/quotes thereof (solicited or unsolicited) which stem directly from the Contractor's
performance of work under this contract unless the Contractor is the sole source;

(e) If the Contractor, in the performance of this contract, obtains access to information such as
plans, policies, reports, studies, financial plans, or data which has not been released or otherwise
made available to the public, the Contractor agrees that without prior written approval of the
CO, it will not:

(a) Use such information for any private purpose unless the information has been released or
otherwise made available to the public, (b) compete for work based on such information for a
period of one year after the completion f this contract, or until such information is released or
otherwise made available to the public, whichever occurs first, (c) submit an unsolicited
proposal/quotes to the Government which is based on such information until one (1) year after
such information is released or otherwise made available to the public, or

(d) Release such information unless such information has previously been released or otherwise
made available to the public by the Government;

(f) The Contractor must include this clause, including this paragraph, in consulting agreements
and subcontracts of all tiers. The terms "Contract," "Task Order," "Contractor," and "Contracting
Officer" will be appropriately modified by the Contractor to preserve the Government's rights;

(g) The Contractor represents that it has disclosed to the CO, prior to award, all facts relevant to

01 01 00 - 3

the existence or potential existence of OCI as that term is used in MMAR Subpart 9.5.

The Contractor represents that if it discovers an OCI or potential conflict of interest after award,
a prompt and full disclosure must/will be made in writing to the CO not later than two (2) days
after the discovery is made. This disclosure must include a description of the action the
Contractor has taken or proposes to take in order to avoid or mitigate such conflicts.

(h) The Contractor will be excluded from bidding future work only if it is determined by the
Government that the Contractor has received an unfair competitive advantage by its knowledge
gained from having access to proprietary or source selection information.


The Contractor shall use every available precaution to provide for the safety of property
owner, visitors to the site, and all connected with the work under the specification.

All existing facilities both above and below ground shall be protected and maintained free
of damage. Existing facilities shall remain operating during the period of construction
unless otherwise permitted. All access roadways must remain open to traffic unless
otherwise permitted.

Barricades shall be erected to fence off all construction areas from

operations personnel. Safety Requirements

All application, material handling, and associated equipment shall conform to

and be operated in conformance with OSHA safety requirements.

Comply with federal, state, local and owner fire and safety requirements.

Advise owner whenever work is expected to be hazardous to owner employees

and/or operations. Maintain a crewman as a floor area guard whenever roof

decking is being repaired or replaced.

Maintain proper fire extinguisher within easy access whenever power tools, roofing

kettles, and torches are being used.


ACCIDENT PREVENTION PLAN (Safety Plan): This contract requires an Accident Prevention Plan
(APP). The plan is required to be job site specific. The plan shall be submitted within 15 calendar
days of notice of award, prepare and deliver to the Project Manager. Construction cannot
commence until plan is approved.

The minimum basic outline for accident prevention plans shall include the following:

1. Signature Sheet
2. Background Information
3. Statement of Safety and Health Policy

01 01 00 - 4

4. Responsibilities and Lines of Authorities
5. Subcontractors and Suppliers
6. Training
7. Safety and Health Inspections
8. Accident Reporting
9. Plans (Programs, Procedures)
10. Risk Management Processes

HOUSEKEEPING: Keep materials neat and orderly. Remove scrap, waste and debris from project
area daily. Maintenance of clean conditions while work is in progress and cleanup when work is
completed shall be in strict accordance with the "General Requirements" of this contract.

QUALITY CONTROL: Establish and maintain an effective quality control (QC) system in
compliance with the FAR Contract Clause titled "Inspection of Construction." QC consist of
plans, procedures, and organization necessary to produce an end product which complies with
the contract requirements, cover all construction design and construction operations, both
onsite and offsite, and be keyed to the proposed construction design and construction
sequence. The project superintendent will be held responsible for the quality of work and is
subject to removal by the Contracting Officer for non-compliance with the quality
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