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Contract Opportunity
Date Originally Posted
Aug. 17, 2022, 7:14 a.m.
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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Aircraft Operations Center
3450 Flightline Drive
Lakeland, Florida 33811-2836

19 July 2022

Jeff Hartberger
NOAA Aircraft Operations Center



1. Description of supplies or services required to meet agency needs

Statement of Work
Pylon Machined Parts

1.1. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) requires the

manufacture of machined parts for an aircraft wing pylon in accordance with provided
drawings and CAD model files. The NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) is
located on Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Lakeland Florida. These pylon parts are
for the NOAA WP-3D Lockheed aircraft, which AOC operates in accordance with
Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 91. This statement of work is to provide
machined parts for a wing pylon per the drawings and CAD provided.

2. Requirements

2.1. General

2.1.1. The fabrication of the structural parts will include all machining and tooling

services, procurement of materials, inspection of parts (dye penetrant inspected),
and finishing the parts with the required primer

2.1.2. The design of the parts require a 5-axis CNC mill with a tray capable of holding a

part with maximum dimensions 28” x 42” x 3”.

2.1.3. All parts machined from 7075-T6 aluminum plate, per AMS XXX. Aircraft grade

aluminum with material certifications.

2.1.4. All parts dye penetrant inspected per ATSM E1417, Type 1, Method A, sensitivity

Level 2 after machining. Acceptance criteria per MIL-STD-1907, Grade C

2.1.5. Aluminum Parts to be finished with Chem film per MIL-C-5541, class 1A - Epoxy

Prime with MIL-PRF-23377, Primer Type I, class C1 or N

2.1.6. Part list NOA1-210-101-XXX NOA1-210-101-101 NOA1-210-101-103 XXX XXX XXX

Base Tub



Fitting, Angle

Fitting, Box Tube

Fitting, Mid Box Tube

2 each
2 each
2 each
2 each
2 each
2 each

2.2. Detailed

2.2.1. Part XXX, Base Tub, 2 each.

Figure 1 Base Tub

2.2.2. Part NOA1-210-101-101, Fitting, 2 each.

Figure 2 Front Spar

2.2.3. Part NOA1-210-101-103, Fitting, 2 each.

Figure 3 Aft Spar

2.2.4. Part XXX, Fittings, 20 each

3. Government Furnished Information (GFI)

Figure 4 Tube and Angle Fittings

3.1. Part drawings in pdf format. Drawings are proprietary and may only be used for this

contractual effort.

3.2. Solidworks CAD part files to be provided upon contract award

4. Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)

4.1. None

5. Deliverables

5.1. 26 total machined parts

5.1.1. XXXXX
5.1.2. XXXXX
5.1.3. XXXXX
5.1.4. XXXXX
5.1.5. XXXXX
5.1.6. XXXXX

2 Base Tub
2 front spar
2 aft spar
8 Fitting Angle
8 Fitting Box Tube
4 Fitting Mid Box Tube

5.2. Materials certification
5.3. Certificate of conformance

5.4. Delivery address: 3450 Flightline Drive, Lakeland FL 33811
5.5. Shipping FOB to above address.

6.1. All deliverables accepted by 3 months after contract award

7.1. The Contracting Officers Technical Representative will verify receipt and content of the

deliverables. Payments for invoiced work processed after NOAA acceptance of

8.1. Jeff Hartberger, 863-500-3973,

6. Time Frame

7. Acceptance

8. Point of Contact