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Aug. 18, 2022, 10:08 a.m.
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Statement of Work
Repair and or Replacement of Phoenix Valves, Controllers and component’s for the HML Energy
Management System

Hollings Marine Laboratory

331 Fort Johnson Rd

Charleston SC, 29481


The Hollings Marine Laboratory is located at 331 Fort Johnson Rd, Charleston SC, 29481 and is seeking
the services of a company that will repair and or replace approximately thirty six (36) or more failed
analog controllers, actuators, and valves. The Phoenix System is over 22 years old and is the heart of the
energy management system (META System) and it controls the flow of air to our laboratory and fume
hoods. This system is considered a vital safety system that prevents contamination of our laboratory
personnel and animals. These components have failed due to age and corrosion and they are the
subcomponents of the Phoenix System. At present these failed components are effecting over 18 fume
hoods in 16 laboratories.


The objective is for Hollings Marine Laboratory to obtain a firm fixed price contract for replacement and
repair services on the thirty six or more listed component’s and once repaired verify that all Laboratory
Rooms and hoods that are listed scope of work below are back in operation and balanced with proper
airflows to the listed laboratories and associated hoods.


The company/contractor must show competency and experience in the operation, maintenance, repair of
Phoenix Valves, Analog Controllers and Actuators along with the knowledge and understanding of the
Energy Management System (META System) in an institutional, and/or academic facilities.


The Contractor shall provide proof that personnel performing work under this contract have valid state or
local license or certification for HVAC Systems covered under this contract. And that they have Phoenix
Valve repair Certifications along with Meta System Certifications.

Key Contract Personnel

The Contractor shall identify and provide the Contracting Officer and Contracting Officers Representative
(COR) with a list of names and telephone numbers of the key personnel and or a 24 hour emergency
contact number of a contractors personnel who shall be responsible for fulfilling all the requirements of
this SOW including responding to emergency callbacks. Contractor’s key person or personnel list shall be
provided to the Contracting Officer and Contracting Officers Representative (COR) fifteen (15) days prior
to the start of the contract and shall be updated when approved changes are made.

The servicing contractor shall perform the elements of this statement of work with Phoenix factory trained,
skilled, professional technicians, which are familiar with inspection, maintenance and repair procedures.
Evidence of the above requirements shall be included with the vendor's quote.

Scope of Work

Service and Repair/Replace the following subsystems and components of the existing
Phoenix/Meta System

Location/Room - Component effected

B205 – Hood #4 – Analog controller
T-C2-5 – Analog controller

B209 – T-B2-6 – Analog controller
E-B2-6 – Analog controller

C208 – T-C2-1 – Valve is physically jammed and must be removed for repair

C203 – T-D2-8 – Analog controller C204 – E-D2-5 – 4’ actuator
FH-3A – Analog controller

C207 – E-D2-11 – Analog controller
T-D2-11 – Analog controller

C212 – E-D2-2 – Analog controller

C108 – FH2 – Analog controller
E-D1-3 – Analog controller

C107 – E-D1-1 – Analog controller
T-D1-1 – Analog controller

H103 – PV-5 – Hi-speed Analog controller

D112 – E-D1-15 – Analog controller

D109 – E-D1-12 – Analog controller

D113 – T-D1-8 – Analog controller
E-D1-8 – Analog controller/3” Actuator

C203 – T-D2-8 - 4” Actuator

C204 – E-D2-5 – 3” Actuator
F11-3A – Analog controller

D102 – E-D1-18 – Analog controller

B122 – T-B1-15 - Valve is physically jammed and must be removed for repair

B117 – T-B1-17 – Analog controller

B115 – T-B1-16 – Analog controller

B102 – T-B1-1 – Analog controller

B105 – T=B1-5 – 4” Actuator
E-B1-5 – Analog controller

B210 – Hood – vertical sash sensor
T-B2-4 – Analog controller
E-B2-4 – Analog controller

B213 – SAV 4” Actuator

B203 – T-E2-14 – 4” Actuator

B207 – T-B2-8 – Analog controller

D205 – T-E2-3 – Analog controller

The contractor shall provide the Hollings Marine Laboratory with the expert maintenance and repair
services for the existing Phoenix System and the associated equipment.

Contractor employees shall immediately upon arriving to the job site; check-in with the Maintenance
Supervisor and or Building Receptionist at the front desk and immediately prior to their departure from the
job site shall check-out with the Maintenance Supervisor and or Receptionist at the front desk. During
afterhours callbacks; the Contractor employees shall check-in with the building engineer on duty.

Each of the Contractors provided technician shall be trained in the following:

1. Lockout – tag out
2. Electrical safety – high voltage
3. Hazardous communications
4. Personal protective equipment
5. Fall protection


• The Contractor shall provide and ensure that all personnel at the work site wear the safety

devices/apparel described below when working on the HVAC systems/Energy Management

Approved back support and protective devices
Eye protection in compliance with ANSIZ87.1. -1968.
Approved hearing protection
2. 4. Approved hand protection
Other safety devices/apparel when conditions warrant

• The Contractor shall furnish documentation as directed by the Contracting Officers

Representative (COR) of the completion of the approved safety training of equipment operators
and other personnel. The safety training shall comply with all OSHA standards and a sample
program shall be submitted to the Contracting Officers Representative (COR).

• The Clients Safety Officer reserves the right to inspect all areas for safety violations at its

discretion, direct the Contractor to make immediate improvement of necessary conditions and/or
procedures, and/or stop the work if other hazards are deemed to exist.

In the event that the Client Safety Officer should elect to stop work because of any type of
existing safety hazards after the Contractor has been notified and provided ample time to correct,
the Contractor shall bear all costs for eliminating the hazard(s) and shall not be granted
compensation for the work stoppage. The Contractor shall pay all additional expenses.

• The Contractor shall be responsible for initiating, maintaining and supervising all safety

precautions and programs in connection with the performance of the contract. The Contractor
shall take all necessary precautions for safety of, and shall provide reasonable protection to
prevent damage, injury or loss to persons, properties, equipment and vehicles.

• The Contractor shall, without additional expense to the Client, be responsible for obtaining and
renewing all necessary licenses and permits. The Contractor shall also be responsible for all
damages to persons or property that occur as a result of the Contractor’s negligence and shall
take proper safety and health precautions to protect the work, the workers, the public and the
property of others. In addition, the Contractor shall be responsible for all materials delivered and
work performed until completion and acceptance of the entire work.

• The Contractor shall comply with all applicable revisions, additions, changes and/or upgrades to
any Federal, state, and municipal laws, codes, and regulations which are in effect on the date of
contract and which affect the performance of the work.

Pre-Bid Site Visit

All vendors interested in submitting a quote are encouraged to attend a site visit at HML. The site visit
times and date will be promulgated by the Government Point of Contact (GPOC). During the site visit,
prospective vendors will have the opportunity to review engineering drawings and inspect locations
around the facility where material laydown areas can be set up. The GPOC/Facility Manager and Chief
Engineer will be available to answer questions and provide handouts on existing systems during the site


The contractor shall provide proof that all on-site employees are U.S. citizens or legal aliens. The
contractor shall not employ personnel with felony convictions, or with a record of narcotics use, for work at
Beaufort Laboratory. The contractor is responsible for completing a security investigation on all
employees working at the Hollings Marine Laboratory in connection with this contract.

Conduct of Contractor Personnel

The contractor’s employees are subject to and shall observe and comply with applicable regulations,
policies, and procedures. Contractor employees shall not enter restricted areas in accordance with
security regulations and safety policies. The Contractor shall be responsible for the selection, certification,
assignment, supervision, management, and control of employees with the advice of the Contracting
Officer (CO) and/or the Contracting Office… Show All