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Aug. 10, 2021, 8:59 a.m.
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SOW 75 MDG In-building Off-Air Hybrid DAS

(Hill Air Force Base, USA)


This project involves the design and installation of Cellular Enhancement Systems to be installed at the 75th Medical Group, Hill AFB Utah, Bldg’s 570 and 249. The systems will utilize FCC and a carrier approved hybrid Distributed Antenna System (DAS). The hybrid DAS will collect signals from donor antennas located the roofs of the buildings, condition and digitize those signals, and distribute throughout the buildings using Ethernet cables to address coverage requirements throughout the buildings.

Areas Covered By Proposed DAS:

Building 249 - 18,000 square feet

Building 570 -102,000 square feet Total: 120,000 square feet

Technologies and Carriers Included AT&T: 3G HSPA+ and 4G LTE

Verizon: 4G LTE Only

T-Mobile: 3G HSPA+ and 4G LTE Sprint: 2G CDMA2000 and 4G LTE


Roof mounted donor antennas for each carrier

DAS headend: Installation and provisioning of the network unit.

In-building antennas: contractor will install coverage units and any necessary ceiling- mounted dome antennas and wall-mounted panel antennas.

Structured cables: contractor will install Ethernet cable in risers and above ceiling tiles.

Coaxial cables: contractor will install coaxial cable in risers and above ceiling tiles.

Passive components: contractor will install all taps, couplers, and splitters required to distribute the signal within the building.

Termination of cables: contractor will terminate all coaxial and Ethernet cables.

Fire caulking: contractor will fire-caulk all penetrations and replace any fire-caulking removed when riser cables are run.

The DAS must be able to be monitored and maintained remotely

Any work that would interrupt patient care will be performed after normal duty hours

A phasing plan and installation schedule shall be submitted by the contractor before beginning work.

Cleaning and repair: contractor shall clean all debris from all work areas, and replace ceiling tiles damaged during the installation.

All documentation (Owner’s manuals, warranty information, assembly instructions, maintenance and care instructions, operating instructions, etc.) shall be provided to the 75th Medical Group.


The contractor Project Manager shall be responsible for on-site coordination of all

deliveries of their product, to include access to and operation of any equipment needed

for unloading and movement of materials or products.

Contractor shall be responsible for determination of the appropriate delivery method and handling based on site conditions.

Delivery shall be in accordance with the terms of the contractor’s agreement. If the ordering activity designates an accelerated delivery schedule it will be identified in the contract.

The contractor shall be responsible for following all safety and security guidelines within the area in which the work is being performed.

The contractor shall prevent its personnel from entering any area other than the designated work area.

Contractor shall be liable for any damage to government property caused by the contractor or their representatives.

Services shall include inspection of product for shipping damage. If damage is found it shall be the responsibility of the contractor to notify the authorized government representative and make all arrangements for replacement or repair of the item(s) damaged. Damaged items are not to be installed unless otherwise directed by the Government Acceptor.

The contractor shall remove all trash generated from the installation and disposed of off base

Deliveries can be made on Monday – Friday, 0700 – 1600 ONLY.

Base/Installation Specifics

All commercial trucks must enter through the Roy Gate which is Exit 338 off of Interstate 15, for inspection. In accordance with the Installation 75 SFS base entry procedures must adhere to delivery vehicle process requirements mandated by the Wing. Once at the Roy Gate the driver must have a visit request submitted through the Visitor Control Center and be able to show:

A current Vehicle Registration

A current Proof of Insurance

A valid and current Driver’s License for the driver

A valid and current Driver’s License or other State Identification for any passenger(s) in the vehicle.

Gate Procedures:

Once at the Roy Gate be prepared to exit the vehicle and allow for vehicle inspection. At this time you may ask for directions to your final destination.

If the final destination requires the driver to leave the Roy gate and re-enter the base through an alternate gate, the pass received will be sufficient documentation for entry through both gates, within a pre-established time directed by the Security Forces representative.

Arrival at the appropriate gate after the allotted time will result in non- admittance to the installation.

This procedure will occur each time a commercial truck requests access to the base.

Current Bill of Lading (BOL) to get delivery driver and the vehicle on base. BOL must include the AF installation name, date of anticipated delivery, and specific destination (including building number, street address, and point of contact information).

Personnel should have the following items when entering the installation:

Current Registration for all vehicles

Current proof of Insurance for all vehicles

Valid driver’s license for each driver

Valid driver’s license or other state identification for each passenger

Depending on the current Force Protection Condition, a government representative may be required to sponsor those people in person at Pass & ID (building 408).

The Sponsor must state the guest’s purpose and destination. It is the responsibility of the contractor to validate this need with their government POC prior to their arrival so as to coordinate the arrival time accordingly. Sponsors may request that a pass be applicable for multiple days if needed.

To sponsor 10 or more people, a typed list of those people must be submitted by the Government Acceptor in Word or Excel format, stating LAST NAME the FIRST NAME of each person. The sponsor must submit that list to Pass & ID building 408 no fewer than three days prior to the anticipated arrival. Names listed must

be complete names, (no nicknames), and correspond to the names on the state ID for each person

Prohibitions: Firearms may not be brought on base under any circumstances. Individuals with criminal records are not allowed on base. Contractor personnel are prohibited form sponsoring guests onto the installation.