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Performance Work Statement

C-5M Supplemental Depot


Purchase Request: FD2060-21-33081

21 April 2022

DISTRIBUTION C. Distribution authorized to U.S. Government Agencies and their Contractors.
Administrative or Operational. 14 April 2021. Other requests for this document shall be referred
to AFLCMC/WLS 235 Byron Street, Suite 19A, Robins AFB, GA 31098-1670

FD2060-21-33081 PWS

1.0 Description of Services:

1.1 . Objective: This Performance Work Statement (PWS) describes the services required to
augment recovery of C-5M fleet OSS&E requirements satisfied via PDM capabilities. These
include Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM)/Unscheduled Depot Level
Maintenance (UDLM) services, PDM/UDLM preparations, planned and unplanned
inspections, repairs, and modifications, IAW the enterprise’s current fleet management
approach. This capability will increase depot level maintenance throughput and aircraft
availability in a cost-effective manner to meet warfighter requirements.

1.2 Benefit to USAF:

These services will benefit the USAF by providing a Supplemental Depot
Capability (SDC) for the C-5M platform, enabling U.S. Government (USG) access to available
resources to accomplish critical workloads. A planned contract effort for Programmed Depot
Maintenance (PDM), Dorsal Complex (batman) repair, and Lavatory (LAV) Modification
provides increased capacity for continued execution and recovery of the C-5M fleet’s
requirements. By nature, aircraft unscheduled inspections/repairs/maintenance cannot be
predicted, which disrupts the Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC) PDM workflow by creating
additional challenges on manpower, facilities, and equipment. C-5M SDC will provide the
USG with added capacity and flexibility to help overcome these challenges.

1.3 Background:

The C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft provides worldwide strategic airlift of
equipment, troops, and weapons in support of U.S. national defense. The platform is in service
with Air Mobility Command and the Air Force Reserve Command, fulfilling a wide range of
operational missions during both peace and wartime situations. PDM provides the fleet with
the required Operational Safety, Suitability & Effectiveness (OSS&E) necessary for ongoing
operations. C-5 PDM was improved and restructured in 2009 to encompass in-depth
inspections including inspections in the fuel tanks and wing root areas. Analytical Condition
Inspections (ACI) are defined within Standard Visual Workcards in TO 1C-5M-6WC-8. While
PDM provides the foundational framework for this effort, several other efforts may be
necessary as required by fleet management/scheduling, such as:

• Unscheduled Depot Level Maintenance (UDLM)
• Lavatory modifications required to meet modern commercial standard
• Dorsal Complex (batman) repair and crack repairs
• Crown skins replacement
• Crack repairs to the inner and outer Pylon-Wing Interfaces (PWI)
• Other potential future C-5M inspections, heavy maintenance, repairs, and modifications
• The total requirement is for up to 16 total programmed (PDM) and/or unscheduled depot

level maintenance (UDLM) events hereafter referred to as “PDM/UDLM services.”

Scope of Requirements: This Performance Work Statement (PWS) defines
PDM/UDLM services for primary support of United States Air Force C-5 aircraft. The total
requirement is for up to 16 total PDM/UDLM services, including the ability to conduct up to 4
simultaneous events (PDM/UDLM services) in work at any time during this contract period.

FD2060-21-33081 PWS

The projected quantities of aircraft stated in this PWS are subject to change based on USAF



Depot-Level Maintenance: The level of maintenance consisting of those on-and
off-equipment tasks performed using highly specialized skills, sophisticated shop equipment,
or special facilities of an ALC, contractor facility, or, in some cases, by field teams at an
operating location. Maintenance performed at a depot also includes those organizational and
intermediate-level tasks required to prepare for depot maintenance, and, if negotiated between
the depot and the operating command, scheduled field-level inspections, preventative
maintenance or TCTOs which come due while equipment is at the ALC for PDM

require skills, equipment or facilities not normally possessed by operating locations.

Programmed Depot Maintenance: Inspections and correction of defects that

2.0 Services Summary:

Performance Objective


Category Defect
Findings for PDM


Quality and


Maintenance Data


Performance Threshold
There shall be no impacts to the critical path
of an aircraft’s production plan, as a result of
items ordered inaccurately or in an un-timely

No Critical Findings during customer
post- PDM inspections are permissible per
No more than one Major finding during
customer post-PDM inspections are
permissible per aircraft.
No more than five Minor findings during
customer post-PDM inspections are
permissible per aircraft.
The quality deficiency rate shall be <.5%
per contract year per each individual
aircraft work package. The Contractor
shall provide corrective action and actions
taken to prevent recurrence on all
Acceptance Inspection Deficiency
Reports (AIDR) In Accordance With
(IAW) Contract Data Requirements List
(CDRL) A012 within three (3) business
days of receipt of the AIDR.
The Contractor shall maintain 100%
compliance with all MDD documentation.
All MDD corrections shall be completed
within ten (10) business days.

FD2060-21-33081 PWS

Quality of

Receipt of CDRL

Compliance with
Technical Data

Aircraft Flow Days

Request for Order
Proposal (RFOP)
response time

Adherence to
Contractor Quality
Management System

Service Contract
Reporting (SCR)






There shall be no more than one (1)
rejection of any deliverable. There shall be
no more than two (2) total rejections of
deliverables per Task Order. All rejected
deliverables shall be corrected and
resubmitted within ten (10) business days
of notification.

There shall be no more than one (1)
late submission of deliverables per
task order.
100% compliance with all published USAF
Technical Data procedures, instructions,
and directives. Requests for deviations
[Technical Assistance Requests IAW AF
Material Command (AFMC) Form 202]
must be approved by the USG prior to any
deviation work. All work shall be
performed using latest version of the
USAF publication(s) and engineering
dispositions, as directed.

The Contractor shall complete each aircraft
work package per scheduled negotiated flow
days within each individual Task Order.

The Contractor shall provide the
Government a proposal for unscheduled
inspections, repairs/maintenance no later
than thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of
the Government’s request for proposal.

100% compliance with the QMS is required.


The Contractor shall report all SCR data for
each fiscal year including a count of
contractor/subcontractor personnel
performing services; all contractor labor
hours, including subcontractor labor hours;
the total amount invoiced; and any required
Tier 1 subcontractor information for each
fiscal year in SAM.

3.0 Government Property: Government property includes Government Furnished Property

FD2060-21-33081 PWS

(GFP), Contractor Acquired Property (CAP), Government Furnished Equipment (GFE),
Government Furnished Materiel (GFM), and Contractor Furnished Materiel (CFM), special
tooling, special test equipment, etc. GFP does include assets furnished for repair, maintenance,
overhaul, or modification.

3.1 Contractor Responsibility: The Contractor shall be responsible for Government property
in their possession in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and applicable
supplements including, but not limited to, FAR Part 45, Government Property; FAR 52.245-1,
Government Property; and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Part
245, Government Property.

The contractor shall create and maintain records of all USG property accountable
to the contract, including Government Furnished Property (GFP), Contractor Acquired Property
(CAP), Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), Government Furnished Materiel (GFM), and
Contractor Furnished Materiel (CFM) in USG Information Systems (IS). The Contractor shall
record receipt and return of GFP in the GFP Module of the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment
(PIEE). The Contractor shall record receipt and return of Government property, which falls under the Item
Unique Identification (IUID) categories identified in the FAR, in the IUID Registry. A physical inventory
of all USG property and end items in the possession of the contractor must be performed IAW
the contractor’s established GFP management plan and CDRL A001.

[CDRL A001, DI-MGMT-80441D/T Government Property Inventory Report / GFP
and CAP Reporting]

3.2 Available Government Property: The Contractor may acquire reparable items, materiel,
and supplies required for performing the work specifications associated with this
PWS/individual Task Order IAW Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS). For
source of supply (SOS), u