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POCOCI NPA – Training Pool

1.0 Introduction 2

2.0 Background 2

3.0 Scope 3

4.0 Points of Contact (POC) 6

5.0 Period of Performance (POP) 6

6.0 Site Location 7

7.0 Type of Contract 7

8.0 Educational/Skills Requirements: The Contractor shall make available qualified Engineers for the
construction of the Training Pool. 7

9.0 Construction Standards 8

9.1 Site Visits: 8

9.2 Trip Reports 9

9.3 Monthly Status Reports 9

9.4 Weekly Updates 9

9.5 Maintenance Plan/Checklist 9

9.6 Site Reconnaissance 9

9.7 Existing Conditions 10

10.0 Safety Requirements 10

11.0 Licensing Requirements 10

11.1 Planning Documents and Deliverables 10

11.2 Significant Evaluation Factors and Checklist 10

11.3 Cost Estimate 11

12.0 Deliveries or Performance Schedule 12

13.0 Performance Evaluation 12

14.0 Invoicing Plan 12

15.0 Program Expansion 13

16.0 Definitions 13

1.0 Introduction
The US Department of State (DoS) through the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law
Enforcement Affairs (INL) assists host nations with construction of facilities which enable the nation
to enhance their capacity to manage security incidents in their own countries.

2.0 Background
INL, in cooperation with the Government of Costa Rica, is providing technical assistance in the
construction of a new Training Pool to be used by the National Police Academy(NPA) – Ministry of
Public Security, in Pococí, Limon.

2.1 Contractor’s Role and Responsibilities
The Contractor’s role will consist of providing services to include, but not limited to the fabrication,
transportation (as needed) and construction of the Pococí NPA Training Pool to include final As built
drawings/shop drawings, Bill of Materials, schedules, manpower estimates and cost estimates.

The Contractor shall submit two (2) CV (Curriculum Vitae) packages for each required discipline to
INL. The packages shall contain the following minimum information:

a. Most recent professional experience
b. Education, including all relevant degrees awarded and institutions attended with dates.
c. Copies of all current certifications and licenses
d. Relevant work experience for the past five years
e. Copy of engineering/construction report written by the candidate.
f. The Contractor shall identify a Project Manager/Lead Engineer as a POC (Point of
Contact) to coordinate with INL for the submission of candidates. The Project
Manager will reside in Costa Rica during the entire construction process and be
present at the site while construction works are in progress. If the individual identified
meets the minimum qualifications outlined in the solicitation for both the Project
Manager and Lead Engineer positions and is identified as such in the bid response,
then INL will consider approving one individual for both positions.
g. The Contractor shall provide pricing for fabrication and construction.
h. The pricing schedule shall be inclusive of all direct and indirect costs to place the
required staff on the project. The Contractor assumes all expenses for its engineering
staffs, including but not limited to: travel to project sites (air, automobile, etc.)
accommodations, per diem, security (if required by the Contractor), communications
(telephone, computer, etc.).

j. The US Government will not assume any costs over and above the pricing schedule

submitted on the Contractor’s proposal.

k. The Contractor shall provide the following documents with the proposals for review

by INL:

a. Quality Control Plan (QCP) - The QCP describes the internal staffing and
procedures that the prospective provider will use to meet the quality, quantity,
timeliness, responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and other service delivery
requirements in the SOW.

b. Safety Plan – explains how the contractor ensures the safety of all persons in

and around the construction site.

c. Past Performance – Provide examples of past performance within the past five
(5) years previous performance on work comparable to that being competed
for the purpose of predicting the quality of future performance relative to other

d. Management Plan - describes the processes used by the contractor to assure
the USG that the terms and conditions of the contract are met. The processes
addressed are those necessary to fulfill contract management responsibilities
and ensure that performance is adequately monitored.

3.0 Scope
This Statement of Work (SOW) is being provided by the Department of State (DOS), Bureau of
International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), to outline the requirements for the
construction of National Police Academy Training Pool to be in Pococí, Limon.

The Contracting Officer, in concurrence with the project COR, shall hold final approval on all of the
Contractor’s personnel to be used in the implementation of this contract, establish work tasking
requirements, and receive and review all reporting documentation. The Contractor shall submit their
proposal based on the CLIN’s noted below.


CLIN0001 – Construction Services

The Contractor will work with local suppliers to construct a Training Pool that will meet the outlined
requirements for INL and Pococí National Police Academy – Ministry of Public Security.

The preferred construction firm (hereafter referred to as the Contractor) will be licensed and certified
to perform engineering and construction services in the country of Costa Rica.

INL would prefer that the company or subcontractor is locally based and that it has the Contractor’s
representative based in Costa Rica at the time of construction. The Contractor will be required to
supply qualified in-house engineering personnel, project management oversight, and quality
assurance/quality control, and safety monitoring.

Upon INL’s approval of required submittals, the Contractor shall construct the Training Pool on the
selected site in full compliance with the approved design. Any variances from the approved package
must be submitted in writing to the CO and receive written approval prior to continuing the

CLIN0002 – DBA Insurance

Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance – DBA insurance is required for all United States citizens or
residents and individuals hired in the United States, regardless of citizenship for any construction and
services for U. S. overseas contracts over US$3,500.00. DBA insurance is also required for all Host
Country Nationals (HCNs) and Third Country Nationals (TCNs) working overseas unless waved by
the Department of Labor (DOL). Only the countries listed currently on the DOL’s Active DBA
Waivers are not required to have DBA insurance for Host Country Nationals (HCNs) and Third
Country The waiver alternative worker’s compensation benefits are provided to the waived employees pursuant to
applicable local law. If there are no local worker’s compensation laws, the waiver has no effect and
HCN and TCN (if applicable by local law) working under a U. S. contract shall be included and
covered under the DBA.

is only valid





The DBA insurance may be obtained from any authorized DBA insurance broker, see Sub-Section
1984). New DBA insurances policies can be purchased directly from any DOL approved insurance carrier.





The Contractor will be reimbursed for DBA only to the extent the contractor provides documentary
proof that DBA has been paid and only to the extent quoted in the Pricing Schedule.

DBA insurance cost will be evaluated as part of the total evaluated fixed price and included in the
fixed price of the contract. Where DBA is applicable, the Contractor will be required to provide
evidence of insurance (certification of coverage and a paid invoice) within 15 calendar days from the
date of award.

Costa Rica is not currently included on the DOL’s active waiver list; therefore DBA insurance is
required for all employees working on the contract

3.2 Project Summary
The following information is provided as a guideline to the construction:

The project will include the construction of a Training Pool, including the following deliverables
according to the Drawings and Technical Specifications:

a. Topographic verification

This includes the verification of the borders of the property before start leveling and earth

b. Construction site leveling and earth moving

This includes the earth moving and leveling of the construction site prior to start any of the
construction activities.

c. Backfilling (structural fills)

This includes the placement and compaction of the backfill materials on layers … Show All