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Nov. 10, 2022, 11:28 a.m.
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Controlled Un-Classified (CUI)

TICMS PWS Oct 2022


Theater Integrated Combat Munitions System (TICMS) &
IT System Configuration Services



Hill Air Force Base, Utah
October 2022

Controlled Un-Classified (CUI)

TICMS PWS Oct 2022


Purpose 4

Scope 4

Background 5


Cybersecurity Compliance 6


Overall Support 7

Software Developer 7

Quality Assurance 8

Program Manager 8

System Architect 8

Functional Support 8

Technical Writer 8

General Requirements 9

3.8.1 Sprint Requirements 9

3.8.2 NIPRNet / SIPRNet 9

3.8.3 Source Code Scanning 10

3.8.4 Code Release Process 10

3.8.5 TICMS Sub-summation 10

Functionality 10


4.1 Management of Personnel 13

Program Manager 14

Technical Lead 14

4.4 Meeting Attendance 14

Schedule 14

Hours of Operations / Federal Holidays 14


5.1 Weekly Status Review 15

Personnel Roster Associated with Billing 16

Sprint Cycle / Release 16

5.3.1 Definitions Associated with JIRA / Confluence 16

Quality Assurance Results with Each Release 17

Technical Triage Sessions 18

Controlled Un-Classified (CUI)

TICMS PWS Oct 2022

Code Scanning Tools 18


Place of Performance 18

Period of Performance 18

Travel / Other Direct Costs (ODC) 18

Non-Personal Services 19

Ethics 19

Inherently Governmental Functions 19

Data Rights 19


Ensuring Adequate COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors (Deviation 2021-O0009,
Revision 1) (Oct 2021) 20


Common Access Cards (CAC) 20

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) 20

Access 20

Security Clearances 21

Protection of Information 21

Classified Information 21

Trustworthiness Determination 21

Operations Security (OPSEC) 22

Reporting Requirements 22


Government Provided Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) related to this PWS 22

Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) Applicability 22

Quality of Support / Service 23

Government Inspection 23

Government Point of Contacts (POCs) 24

10.0 Government Furnished Equipment / Property (GFE / GFP) 24

10.1 Applicability 24

11.0 APPENDIX A: Acronyms 25

12.0 APPENDIX B: Services Summary (SS) Table 27

13.0 APPENDIX C: Reserved 29

Controlled Un-Classified (CUI)

TICMS PWS Oct 2022


1.1 Purpose

This Performance Work Statement (PWS) defines the support required to continue the
utilization of software developers and system experts on the One Network Enterprises,
Incorporated (One Inc.) proprietary software system relating to the configuration of the
Theater Integrated Combat Munitions System (TICMS) software suite to include the TICMS
platform and its corresponding database, structure, and tables. The support requires the
Contractor to work directly with Government IT System and Munitions Subject Matter
Experts (SMEs) to employ agile software delivery methodologies to implement
functionalities within the TICMS application. This continued proprietary One Inc./TICMS
configuration enables the functions, processes, and procedures necessary to manage the
United States Air Force (USAF) stockpile of conventional munitions, class of supply V. This
includes, but is not limited to, tactical missiles, strategic missiles (conventional portions),
conventional munitions, and Cartridge Actuated Devices/Propellant Actuated Devices
(CAD/PAD) stockpiles. The system also manages related munitions composition data,
maintenance data documentation, baseline business process optimization, and Operational
Safety, Suitability and Effectiveness (OSS&E) programs. Additionally, the software
configuration for use in the Secure Internet Protocol Router Internet (SIPRNet) environment
will be required within the contract’s scope. All classified development will be performed in
Government facilities on Hill Air Force Base. Therefore, Contractor developers will require a
Common Access Card (CAC) and SIPRNET access. See Sections 3 and 8 for additional

1.2 Scope

The scope identified in this PWS will be completed within a one 1-year base with three 1-
year option years. The Contractor will configure, test, and deploy operational capabilities as
defined and prioritized by the USAF within the following high-level functionalities which are
further elaborated in Section 3.0, Description of Services:

a. Stock Management and Control/Accountability
b. Life Cycle Management
c. Distribution Management
d. Foreign Military Sales (FMS)
e. Maintenance, Serviceability, & Reliability
f. Financial Management

o FIAR (Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness)
o FISCAM (Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual)
o FFMIA (Federal Financial Management Improvement Act)

g. Technical Data Management
h. Data Management and Archival
i. Munitions Command, Control Operations
j. System Roles and Access Controls
k. SIPRNet Enclave Ops
l. OSS&E
m. MIT (Munitions Integrated Tablet) and Disconnected Client

Controlled Un-Classified (CUI)

TICMS PWS Oct 2022

It is expected the Contractor will employ the agile IT development methodology processes
and objectives to deliver capability amongst the major functionalities listed at 1.2 above as
prioritized by the USAF. The magnitude of the development/changes/configuration will not
exceed the proposed Contractor Manpower Equivalents (CMEs) in any one sprint cycle.
Labor categories/skill levels within the Period of Performance (PoP) shall be aligned with the
spring cycle. If changes are required, they will be identified to the Contracting Officer
Representative (COR) and the COR to the Contracting Officer (CO).

Sprint cycles will be four to six weeks long in duration. It will also account for One Inc. code
development, Quality Assurance (QA), and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) by both the
TICMS Functional Management Office (FMO) and Contractor and will include
Cybersecurity testing and scanning. A minimum of nine (9) total sprint cycles are expected to
be completed within one year. However, this may vary depending on the complexity of the
tasks and development performed.

As with all agile IT development, detailed backlog features will be implemented for each of
the above functional requirements and identified during the planning phase of each
developmental sprint. Platform level changes will be considered within the scope of this
PWS and within each sprint to accommodate this expectation, design, configuration, and
deployment of infrastructure. Platform level changes are defined as similar to the conversion
of the primary core of the application from RTVN (Real-Time Value Network) to NEO
(One Inc. proprietary AI), or similar type changes. The Contractor shall apply modern
commercial, cloud-based architecture, security, design, technologies, services, frameworks,
and practices to the fullest extent possible in the technical execution of the functional
requirements in the various sprints. Delivery of the full scope of the functional requirements
is expected to be executed iteratively over multiple sprint efforts. IT systems are dynamic
and always evolving; therefore, it is NOT expected that complete IT development and
configuration will be completed within any one individual Period of Performance (POP).
SIPRNet development will begin as appropriate within the total PoP of the contract as
determined by the Government in conjunction with the Contractor and TICMS system
stability and capability is achieved. Additionally, the Contractor shall continuously adhere
to STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guide) and guidelines within DoD 8570.01-
M, Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program, and all applicable DoD IT and
Cybersecurity guidelines. IT Personnel assigned CAC’s will attain appropriate DoD
8570.01-M certifications (Security+).

1.3 Background

The TICMS FMO is located at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, and is aligned under
AFLCMC/EBH. The TICMS application is the Accountable Property System of Record
(APSR) for all USAF Class V conventional munitions inventory. The proprietary version of
the One Inc. software is the backbone of the total capability within the TICMS Class V

System configuration and modifications in previous contracting actions were accomplished
under several contracts, the most recent being Order # N6426720F0251 for 2.5 years.

Controlled Un-Classified (CUI)

TICMS PWS Oct 2022

Additionally, the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) released Contract NNG15SD87B,
Order # N6426720F0002 for ONE Inc. dated 12 December 2019 for a duration of 5 years for
annual system licensing.

The continuing goal of the TICMS FMO is to subsume all Class V munitions IT systems
within the TICMS application. TICMS is scheduled to subsume seven munitions IT systems
in the following order: IMDB (Integrated Missile Data Base), Tact… Show All