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1 Department of Defense Defense Health Agency Medical Q-Coded Services (MQS) Army Task Order Performance Work Statement Service: Palliative Care Chaplain Location: Department of Rehabilitation Medicine (DRM), Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC), CPT Jennifer M.Moreno Clinic (JMC) Outpatient & Inpatient Therapy Clinic, Camp Bullis USAHC, Soldiers In Training (SIT) PT Clinic, and the multiple Community Based Medical Home (CBMH) located throughout San Antonio(Westover Hills, Schertz, etc) Date: 1 Feb 2021 2 PART 1 TASK ORDER PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT IN ADDITION TO THE BASIC CONTRACT ACQUISITION PWS, THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS ARE REQUIRED: 1.2. Description of Services: The services required on this Task Order are in the following market segments: ☒ Ancillary Services ☐ Dental Services ☐ Nursing Services ☒ Physician Services The services required on this Task Order are under the following special program: N/A 1.3 Healthcare Provider Compensation: In no case shall the total amount of compensation paid to an individual in any year under a Personal Services Contract exceed the full time equivalent rate of $400,000.00 or $208.33/hour as established under USC 1091(b) and the full-time equivalency rate established under DoDI 6025.5. 1.3.1. Neither uniformed personnel nor Government civilian employees shall be employed to perform services under this contract. 1.3.2. The use of non-compete conditions in employment agreements (to prevent loss of personnel by the contractor) effective only during the period of the contract performance is acceptable. However, the use of non-compete conditions in employment agreements that prevent employees of the incumbent from being employed, or accepting offers of employment by the new contractor on the follow-on task order/contract is unacceptable. It hinders the government’s ability to accomplish the mission of providing medical care to beneficiaries. Inclusion of such conditions in an employer’s employment agreement will result in an offeror’s proposal being unacceptable. Awardee, and their subcontractors, may not include such conditions in employment agreements while performing under this task order/contract. 1.3.3. Alternate Work Locations - During public health emergencies, national disasters and “ad hoc” (situational) telework. Contractor personnel performing services for this contract may be permitted maximum flexibility and may be approved to telework if approved by the Contracting Officer Representative and the Contracting Officer. Contractor shall follow established telework agreements at all times. Core hospital hours are 06:00-20:00, schedules of contract employees will be determined by the department, and however, 50% of hours must be during core hours. Contractor is permitted to stagger contract employee work hours to relieve load on VPN network system during telework. It is the responsibility of the contractor to comply with all HIPAA, Privacy, and other 3 security regulations regarding the transmission of personal and Government information. 1.3.4. The contractor shall ensure the Government's interests under the terms of this contract are maintained and the required hours of performance are accounted for during any period of off-site performance. Daily updates are required to ensure COR retains internal control over performance standards for off-site work. Any additional incurred expenses due to telecommunication issues will be the sole responsibility of the contractor. 1.5. General Information: This Task Order is issued under the following arrangement: ☒Personal Services: The following labor categories are under a personal services arrangement on this TO: Palliative Care Chaplain ☐Non-Personal Services: The following labor categories are under a non-personal services arrangement on this TO: N/A 1.5.2. Place of Performance: The work to be performed under this contract will be at Department of Rehabilitation Medicine (DRM), Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC), CPT Jennifer M. Moreno Clinic (JMC), Camp Bullis USAHC, Soldiers In Training (SIT), and the multiple Community Based Medical Home (CBMH) clinics located throughout San Antonio (Westover Hills, Schertz, etc). HCWs shall receive notification two weeks prior to the reassignment to another location. 1.5.4. Operational Hours: The performance hours of the MTF are as follows: Palliative Care Chaplain shall be on duty at the MTF (which may include outlying clinics in the community for care of eligible military personnel, their dependents, and other beneficiaries for the hours and location set forth by the Chief of Palliative Care Service. The scheduled shift hours are established by the section chiefs and are approved by the Chief of Palliative Care Services. Starting and ending times as well as specific days of the week to include weekends and holidays to be worked will vary according the section of assignment not to exceed 40 hours per work week. Scheduled hours will include a 60 minute per shift lunch/dinner break (non- compensable by the Government) Each FTE will be required to work a minimum of 1840 and maximum 1920 hours per year. Recording HCW Time: Changes to the recording of HCW time identified in the contract PWS are as follows: The Contractor shall be responsible for recording arrival or departure times, reporting absenteeism, signing payroll timesheets or completing corporate appraisal reports for HCWs, unless otherwise identified in the contract. The Government will not sign any contractor documents. Government reserves the right to verify hours worked by the HCW by implementing sign-in/out procedures or by any other means including the use of a time cock, computerized time & date stamp method, etc. Scheduled Absences: The HCP may request and based upon the 4 recommendations of the COR and the Department Chief, a reduction in contract performance requirements up to a maximum of 20 working days (scheduled or unscheduled) due to illness, continuing medical education, and other justified reasons per 12 month contract period. The Department Chief will determine when absences arc justified. Contract period of less than 12 months will have the 20 potential absences prorated. The number of consecutive days authorized for scheduled or unscheduled absences will be at the discretion of the Department Chief or their designated representative based on the workload with coordination through the COR. Call on Federal Holidays and Training Holidays will be shared among the staff. If the contractor is not on-call for a federal holiday, the authorized absence is in addition to the above 20 days.(if contract remains ISA) Unscheduled Absences: The Health Care Provider shall notify the appropriate supervisor or his/her designee within one (1) hour of scheduled reporting duty time if he/she is ill and unable to report to work as scheduled due to an emergency absence. This is not a contractual requirement but such requests may be approved as indicated by being mutually beneficial to the Contractor and the Government. The number of consecutive days authorized for scheduled or unscheduled absences will be at the discretion of the Department Chief based on the workload with coordination through the COR. Any portion of a day that is missed will be counted as one day against the 10 working days of unscheduled absences.(if contract remains ISA) 1.5.5. Mission Essential: The following labor categories are designated as mission essential: Palliative Care Chaplain is considered mission essential in order to continue and sustain essential clinical operations during base and facility unplanned closures. Relocation Costs: The Government ☐will ☒will not pay the Contractor to relocate HCWs. 1.5.6. Substitute MSS Personnel: If the Contractor substitutes permanent HCWs for a temporary period of time, the substitute shall meet the same qualification standards and health requirements as stated in the contract and TO. Substitutions will be required when the permanent HCW is unavailable for more than 15 calendar days. These attendance sheets are for the sole use of government officials to ensure compliance with FTE hours and will not be provided to the contractor for any reason and/or purpose. In addition, under no circumstances will Government employees sign or verify the contractor’s time sheets for the contractor’s health care providers. (if contract remains ISA-disregard 1.5.6.) Representative Status Change: The Contractor shall notify the TOKO in writing of changes in the status (i.e., termination or replacement) of designated Contractor representative within (1) business days of the change. 5 1.5.7. Recognized Holidays: Contract HCWs ☐ will ☒ will not be required to work on federally recognized holidays. All hours stipulated include sharing federal and training holidays and shared on- call duties with the other faculty/staff providers. Palliative Care Chaplain on duty at Inpatient or Outpatient care will not be required to work federally recognized holidays as Outpatient Services are closed on Federal Holidays. Scheduling: The schedule or scheduling process is as follows: All duty schedules will be provided to the HCW 15 calendar days in advance. The above timeframes are subject to change by mutual agreement of the government and the contractor. The actual schedule will be determined by the supervisor and is subject to change due to changing mission requirements. The contractor shall only be paid for actual hours worked. Hours scheduled for shifts do not include travel time involved in reaching the medical treatment facility. The Contract HCW shall be rested and fully physically and mentally capable for performing the duties required under this contract. Compensatory time (comp time) is not authorized. Overtime is not authorized. The government observes 10 federal holidays per year as stated in Supplement to PWS; however HCWs need to