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Aug. 11, 2022, 1:56 p.m.
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February 28, 2022


RFP Final
Date: July 8, 2022

1.1.1. Project Title: Replace Carpet Bldg. 5994, Repair Surfaces Bldg. 5995.


1.1. Project Identification

1.1.2. IJO Number(s): DEJ225592J, GAA170097J

1.1.3. Project Package Number(s): 2260

1.2. Description of Work

1.2.1. The Contractor shall supply all supervision, labor, equipment, and materials to perform all work in

strict accordance with the contract, this statement of work, and identified drawings to Remove
mold, lead paint and clean brick wall building 5995 and replace flooring in 5994.

1.3. Area Description

1.3.1. Location: NCO ACCADEMY, Building 5995 Mechanical room and building 5994 administration

building. Next block after the JBLM Main Gate. 5995: Operational mechanical room. 5994: The carpet has water damage due to past roof leaks.

1.3.2. Known Existing Site Condition

Signs of Mildew present.

1.4. Principal Items To Be Accomplished

1.4.1. Base Item CLIN 0001: Demolish, IJO DEJ225592J, BLDG# 5995, The contractor shall remove all chipping lead paint from the ceiling roof of the whole mechanical

room. See Attachment 1 for example of paint to be removed. The contractor shall encapsulate the area where the lead paint is and dispose the chipped and

removed lead paint in accordance to regulations. The contractor shall remove and dispose of the vapor barrier and insulation from the heating duct

in the entire mechanical room. See examples shown in Attachment 2. The contractor shall demolish and remove any kind of furniture in the room and dispose it.

1.4.2. Base Item CLIN 0002: Installation of vapor barrier, IJO DEJ225592J, BLDG 5995, The contractor shall install new insulation and vapor barrier around the heating duct and

associated components in the entire mechanical room. New insulation and vapor barrier shall be
like in-kind to what was demolished and shall be installed using similar methods.

1.4.3. Base Item CLIN 0003: Clean the wall and fill the wall, IJO DEJ225592J, BLDG 5995, The contractor shall clean the brick wall by removing all efflorescence salt. See Attachment 3 for

example. [During washing activities it is recommended when feasible to “dry” spot clean first
then use ONLY water. Because of the potential for lead paint and other pollutants, wash water
must be contained and collected for proper disposal. Depending on contamination, the wastewater
may need to be disposed as Hazardous Material or American Water may require a Temporary
Discharge Permit before discharging into the sanitary sewer system.] The contractor cleaning method shall follow the secretary of interior’s standards and preservation

brief in order to comply with section 106; Preservation Brief 1: Assessing Cleaning and Water-
Repellent Treatments for Historic Masonry Buildings ( If the contractor’s cleaning
method shall differ from the above recommended method, the contractor shall immediately
inform the government for more directions on the way forward. The contractor shall fill up all the holes in the walls with grout as a filling material after which the

contractor shall paint the wall to match the rest of the wall. See attachment 4.

1.4.4. Base Item CLIN 0004 GAA170097J JBLM Remove Carpet/ Cover base (Building 5994) Contractor shall remove carpet and cove base for Bldg. 5994 in the areas shown in Attachment 5.

1.4.5. Base Item CLIN 0005: GAA170097J JBLM Store Furniture/ Abatement Contractor shall relocate government owned items, (I.E. (Furniture, Professional Items,

Refrigerators, Microwaves, etc.) for each room, except for personal items, of Building 5994 as
required for the installation of the new flooring materials. All items shall be stored on-site and
protected from damage and returned to original placement once complete. External Conex storage
boxes are recommended. Contractor shall provide asbestos abatement and disposal in Building 5994 to include existing

flooring, cove base, mastic adhesives and transition strips. All abatements shall be to clean
substrate and in accordance with WISHA Interim Interpretive Memorandum Washington
Department of Labor and Industries #97-7-G for Mechanical Removal of Asbestos-Containing
Floor Tile. Once asbestos abatement has been completed, the area shall be encapsulated and
inspected by the government prior to furniture movement into the space. The asbestos abatement
of the existing tile and carpet shall be removed together as one unit. (See Attachment 6).
Note 1: The asbestos abatement shall be in accordance with OSHA/Washington State
DOSH requirements for non-mechanical or manual removal of Class II VAT & mastic. i.e.
Critical barriers are required over all openings; negative air machines are not required.
Area shall be ventilated to remove nocuous odors.

Note 2: Contractor is responsible for ventilation systems for this task order and shall
ensure all critical equipment are maintained at required operating temperatures. The
systems are to be placed back into normal operation once completed. All system shutdowns
shall be coordinated with building manager prior.

1.4.6. Base Item CLIN 0006: GAA170097J JBLM Installing Carpet Contractor shall clean, prep and install “Patcraft Homeroom v.3.0 Solution Q Extreme Nylon”
carpet tile or “Equivalent” and rubber cove base in interior surface areas of building 5994 (See
specifications below). Substrate shall be prepared to a quality where no imperfections will be
visible through the installed tile. Contractor shall design carpet for direct glue-down application. Adhesive shall be Green Label
plus certified. Alternative installation applications require approval by the Contracting Officer
and may not be authorized. Contractor shall returned waste to the Manufacturer for recycling. Scraps shall be set aside and
returned to manufacturer for recycling into new product. Remove non-retained scraps from site
and recycle appropriately. Use of a local CARE recycler may be authorized with the approval of
the Public Works Environmental Division. Contractor shall make sure that the Adhesives and concrete primers shall comply with applicable

regulations regarding toxic and hazardous materials. Provide water resistant, mildew resistant,
nonflammable, and non-staining adhesives and concrete primers for carpet installation as required
by the carpet manufacturer. Provide adhesives flashpoint of minimum 60 degrees C 140 degrees
F in accordance with ASTM D3278. Adhesive shall be Green Label Plus certified. Contractor
shall ensure concrete primer meets low emissions requirement at ASHRAE 189.1-2014 Section
8.4.2 Contractor shall install carpet in accordance with the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) 104

standards and Manufacturer’s guidelines. Contractor shall ensure that the Carpet has a CRI Texture Appearance Retention Rating (TARR) Contractor shall relocate government owned items from the stored area back their respective

of 3.5 or greater (severe).

rooms and areas.

NOTE 3: Contractor shall supply additional materials as follows:

Furnish extra flooring material of each color and pattern at the rate of 10 tiles for each 500
tiles and 5 square feet for each 1,000 square feet of sheet flooring installed. Furnish extra
cove base material composed of 20 linear feet of each type, color and pattern. Package all
extra materials in original properly marked containers bearing the manufacturer's name,
brand name, pattern color name and number, production run, and handling instructions.
Provide extra materials from the same lot as those installed. Leave extra stock at the site in
location assigned by Contracting Officer.


2.1. Performance Period Requirements

2.1.1. The Contractor is required to commence work under this Contract within ten (10) calendar days

after the date of issuance of the Notice to Proceed (NTP) for the Base Item(s), prosecute the work
diligently, and complete all work on all Base Item(s) no later than 120 calendar days after the date
of issuance of the Notice to Proceed for the Base Item(s). The time stated for completion includes
final cleanup of the premises and submission of all required close-out documentation.

2.1.2. Blank copies of Government forms required by this SOW will be provided to the Contractor within

14 calendar days of award issuance. Examples of these forms include: daily reports, ENG Form
4025-R, HJB 229, etc.

2.2. Construction Phasing Requirements

2.2.1. Contractor shall coordinate all shut downs/outages with DPW.

2.3. Perform other work necessary

2.3.1. The Contractor shall be responsible for providing a complete and useable product/system and shall

be responsible for accomplishing all tasks incidental to the completion of the project
requirements. Requirements for a complete and useable product which are not explicitly called
out in the SOW but are reasonably discernable via any other method than destructive testing shall
be considered a requirement of the project/contract.

2.3.2. For purposes of this project, replace in kind refers … Show All