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Page 1 CAPE HATTERAS NATIONAL SEASHORE Outer Banks Group Statement of Work Replace Security Gate at Wright Brothers National Memorial 1.0 INTRODUCTION The National Park Service (NPS) has a requirement to replace a manually operated security gate with an automatic drop arm barrier gate. The construction site is located at Wright Brothers maintenance shops entrance at 800 Collington Road, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948. 2.0 BACKGROUND AND EXISTING CONDITIONS: The manual operated rear entrance gate to the Wright Brothers National Memorial needs to be replaced and upgraded with an automatic operated security gate. Replacing the mechanized gate at the maintenance entrance will secure the maintenance area, and the Wright Brothers National Memorial Park. The current two-part gate is made of aluminum. The distance between the gate posts is approximately 24’ 4 ½”. The distance between the close gate and walkway is 40’ 4”. The Replace Security Gate at Wright Brothers National Memorial Page 2 distance from close gate and edge of roadway is approximately 65’. Additional paving work is required from the newly install repaving pedestrian walkway along the Collington Road that joins roadway to the gate. 3.0 SCOPE OF WORK The contractor shall provide all technical support, materials, tools, equipment, and labor required to complete the removal and installation of a commercial grade aluminum automatic operating drop arm security gate. The contractor must verify all existing conditions, measurements, dimensions, etc. The contractor will expand the width of the roadway leading to the entrance. This scope of work provides observed or measured information on site, but the Contractor is responsible for correctly and accurately understanding the existing conditions. The gate can be powered by electricity or hydraulic. The contractor is responsible for ensuring the proposed products are mounted correctly and, operate within the space provided. The contractor is to follow all current International Building Code (IBC), National Electric Code (NFPA 70), and applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and codes will be enforced. Major project components: 1. Remove the existing security gate including foundation. 2. Site Work: a. Prepare ground where new gate is to be installed. b. Identify location and route to provide electrical power to the gate prior to installation. Provide new circuits in schedule 40 pvc conduit from existing electrical service to the new drop arm system. Existing electric service is available from existing electrical panel inside maintenance building or from adjacent transformer, approximately 75 ft from the new drop arm location. Connect the new drop arm barrier system to the electric service for a complete and operational system. c. Widen the entrance of the driveway at Collington Rd to a 25 ft Radius up to the existing multi use path as shown in Figure 2. Approx. 275 sf new pavement. Widen the east side of the entrance road between the multi-use path and the new gate, 6 ft wide x 55 ft long (approx. 375 sf) as shown in figure #2. d. Saw cut existing pavement edges to square edge. Excavate 10 inches to remove existing topsoil. Compact subgrade with mini roller or pneumatic hand operated tamper to 98% modified proctor maximum dry density. Provide 6 inches of ABC Base Course meeting NCDOT 2018 standard specification section 520 and 1005. Place base course in 2-inch lifts and compact with pneumatic hand operated tamper to 100% maximum density. Provide 4 inches Bituminous Concrete Surface course, Type S9.5B. Place new asphalt payment in 2” lifts and compact with roller until flush with existing pavement. Seed disturbed areas with 100% rye grass. 3. Provide a non-painted drop arm type, commercial, exterior grade, non-corrosive material (aluminum or Type 316 Stainless Steel) security gate for the rear entrance to Wright Brothers National Memorial. The new system shall meet ASTM F 2656-15. The new drop arm barrier system shall be rated K4/M30 with a 24 ft long arm. 4. The features required for the gate and system shall be: Replace Security Gate at Wright Brothers National Memorial Page 3 a. Double Keypad providing accessible operation for a standard height vehicle (passenger car/truck) and high window vehicle (delivery truck/tractor trailer) installed in the grass shoulder of the inbound lane. Provide protective bollard in front of the new double keypad. b. Keypads shall be programable to operate with a minimum of 5 access codes. The new system shall allow owner to reprogram, set, and reset keypad codes. c. The system shall have the ability to operate by means of programmable remote wireless device. Provide 8 Wireless remote opening devices. d. An optional manual override function during periods of power loss. e. Safety function to prevent drop arm from closing when objects are in the pathway. Drop arm shall immediately reverse when safety feature is activated. Safety feature will activate in either direction (opening or closing) if items are in the pathway. When drop arm is lowering from vertical open position toward closing and senses an object in the path, the arm will raise back to a vertical position for a set duration, then attempt to lower again. When the drop arm is in the closed position and begins to raise up and senses an object or blockage, the arm will immediately lower back to the closed position and reset, remaining in the closed position until activated by keypad or manual override. f. Sensor installed in the outbound traffic lane will allow the gate to automatically open and close when departing through the gate. The system shall have a sensor device placed in ground below the pavement to automatedly open gate for outbound traffic. Exact orientation, placement, and sensitivity for outbound sensor/sensing wire shall be determined in the field by the Contracting Officer. g. The new drop arm system shall include a stand and holding cradle on the opposite end of the drop arm to support the end of the drop arm. The cradle stand shall allow the drop arm to be locked in the closed position. h. Drop arm system shall have a speed adjustment for raising and lowering the arm. The system shall have the ability to adjust the amount of time the arm is in the vertical open position. i. Provide and install red and white high visibility reflective tape on each side of gate. j. Provide 1 hour of training on the full operation of the new drop arm, keypad functions, and manual operations. k. Provide 2 hard copies and 1 electronic copy of the Operations & Maintenance Manuals for the new system. Replace Security Gate at Wright Brothers National Memorial Page 4 Figure 1: Task 1: Remove existing gate Figure 2: Task 2 - Widen pavement Replace Security Gate at Wright Brothers National Memorial Page 5 Figure 3: Task 3 - Provide new drop arm. 4.0 NOTES 1. Coordinate with NCDOT for driveway connections with Collington Road. 2. Remove all material and waste generated during this project and properly dispose of offsite.