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Solicitation No: 12445122R0002 / FAC 2022-01 effective December 6, 2021 Project Name: Catawba Falls Trail Safety Improvements CATAWBA FALLS TRAIL IMPROVEMENTS STATEMENT OF WORK SCOPE: Catawba Falls Trail is a 1.3-mile trail which begins at the trailhead, parallels Catawba River to lower Catawba Falls, and ends at upper Catawba Falls. Portions of the existing trail are on an old roadbed, others are through boulder fields adjacent to the river, and the final sections traverse steep slopes adjacent to the lower falls. Improvements in this contract end near the lower falls, and do not include the entire trail leading to upper Catawba Falls. There is a need to improve the trail to enhance user safety and reduce impacts to the Catawba River. Some parts of Catawba Falls Trail are excessively steep and pose a hazard to trail users. Rerouting the trail at designated areas will improve user safety and reduce erosion. Constructing boardwalks, stairs, and viewing platforms is also necessary to improve user safety and access. Portions of the trail along the old roadbed have had landslides in two locations, one of which will be repaired in this contract. This project includes slide repair with a micro-pile retaining wall, new native surface trail construction, obliteration of abandoned trail segments, new boardwalk and staircase construction, construction of new viewing platforms, and hazard tree removal. Features will be constructed from cast in place concrete, wood, synthetic decking, and steel; some of which may require off-site fabrication. The project area is in a remote location with challenging conditions requiring crossing streams/rivers, limited construction access, and working on steep and rocky slopes. There are two existing 5-foot-wide bridges on the trail, which will not accommodate heavy loads of materials or equipment. The first bridge can be bypassed via a graded ford across Catawba River, the second can only be bypassed by fording braided channels of Chestnut Branch where there are multiple pitches, drops, and boulders. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Trail improvements in this contract are broken into three segments, each as separate lines in the bid schedule. The following is a summary of work for each segment. However, all aspects of work to be performed are described in detail on included drawings and specifications, which take precedence over the generalized work descriptions provided below. Phase 0, Slide 2 (Base Bid #1): This segment consists of construction of a micro-pile retaining wall to repair one of two landslides. See the included preliminary geotechnical engineering report for site specific conditions at each slide location. Phase 1A (Base Bid #2): This trail segment begins at the end of the second bridge (over Chestnut Branch) and ends at an observation platform atop a rock outcrop, which is adjacent to lower Catawba Falls. Work in this segment includes construction of native surface trail, obliteration of existing native surface trail, and construction of stairs, elevated boardwalks, and viewing platforms. Phase 1B (Optional Bid #1): This trail segment begins at the end of Phase 1A and includes construction of stairs, elevated boardwalks, and a freestanding stair tower with an observation platform at the top. The stair tower will be constructed of galvanized steel. Stair tower design shall be done by a NC licensed Solicitation No: 12445122R0002 / FAC 2022-01 effective December 6, 2021 Project Name: Catawba Falls Trail Safety Improvements professional engineer and require USFS approval of shop drawings per supplemental specifications. Stair tower design will accommodate offsite fabrication of modular components for efficiency in transport to the construction site. PROJECT LOCATION: The project location is on the Grandfather Ranger District of Pisgah National Forest in McDowell County, North Carolina, near the town of Old Fort. Catawba Falls Trail is accessed from a trailhead parking area at the end of Catawba River Road. SITE CONSIDERATIONS: This site typically has very high public use. However, the trail will be closed during construction and the trailhead will be available for staging and material storage behind vehicular barriers. On-site security of stored or staged materials and equipment is the responsibility of the construction contractor. Controlling public access and safety during construction will be the shared responsibility of the US Forest Service and construction contractor. The US Forest Service will post closures online and with on-site signage, and install movable plastic vehicle barriers. There will also be occasional patrols by US Forest Service law enforcement and/or McDowell County Sheriff’s Department. The construction contractor shall post additional warning signs and caution tape along the trail route and will be asked to notify US Forest Service law enforcement officers of incidents when the public crosses into the closure area. If the situation arises, the construction contractor may need to engage in non-confrontational verbal warnings to violators. FUNDING SOURCES: Funding for this project comes from the Great American Outdoors Act and FHWA/NCDPR Recreational Trails Program Grants. PERIODS OF PERFORMANCE: Phase 0, Slide 2: 12 months from the notice to proceed (NTP) Phase 1A: 8 months from the NTP Phase 1B (if awarded): 12 months from the NTP LIST OF ATTACHMENTS: A list of contract drawings, specifications, and supporting documents is provided below: • Final plan set for boardwalks, stairs and observation platform design, control, layout, profiles, details, and stair tower conceptual design (Sheets 1-23) • Engineering calculations for material loads, dimensions, and spacing • Supplemental specifications for stair tower design, fabrication, and construction • Supplemental specifications for micro-pile retaining wall • Supplemental specifications for new trail construction and hazard tree removal • US Forest Service standard specifications for design and construction of trails • Survey controls (comma separated text file) • Preliminary geotechnical engineering report Solicitation No: 12445122R0002 / FAC 2022-01 effective December 6, 2021 Project Name: Catawba Falls Trail Safety Improvements Any inconsistency in this solicitation or contract shall be resolved by giving precedence in the following order: 1 – The Schedule (excluding the specifications) 2 – Representations and Other Instructions 3 – Contract Clauses 4 – Project Specific Supplemental Specifications 5 – Trail Construction Plans for Catawba Falls Trail (sealed/signed by Matthew T. Cornwell, PE, PLS) 6 – Standard Specifications for Construction of Trails and Trail Bridges on Forest Service Projects 7 – Other Documents, Exhibits, and Attachments US FOREST SERVICE CONTACTS: CO: Kelvin Jackson,, 540-265-5111 COR: Cale Moody,, 828-734-9191Inspector: Lisa Jennings,, 828-652-2144 Technical Expert/Landscape Architect: Erik Crews,, 828-450-0267