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Industry Day Agenda for 01 November 2023 at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division was focused on enabling wartime readiness through collaboration and innovation. The agenda included presentations from key personnel such as Capt David Back, Dr. Peter Adair, Mr. Steven Grant, Ms. Mary Langfeldt, Ms. Paige George, Ms. Holly Gardner, Ms. Jenny Howell, Mr. Kevin Oakes, Dr. Todd Holland, and Mr. Gerry Sorrell.

Topics covered ranged from wartime acquisition repair planning to contracting perspectives, non-FAR based partnerships with the federal government, overcoming challenges for mission success, expeditionary and maritime systems, mine warfare systems, science and technology initiatives, and small business programs. The event concluded with a Q&A session led by Ms. Mary Langfeldt.

Key takeaways from the Industry Day Agenda included a strong emphasis on collaboration and partnership with both government and industry stakeholders to enhance wartime capabilities. Presentations highlighted the importance of innovation in overcoming challenges and achieving mission success in expeditionary and maritime systems.

The event also underscored the significance of small businesses in contributing to the defense sector through dedicated programs and advocacy efforts. The Industry Day provided valuable insights into current initiatives and future opportunities for engagement with the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division in advancing naval warfare capabilities for the littoral battlespace.

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