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USAF - FY24 Remedial Actions East - MRAS

ID: RFQ1677516 • Alt ID: R_GDtAnEKR70XfkMq • Type: Solicitation


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The National Guard Bureau (NGB) Environmental Division, Restoration Branch (A4VR) is seeking environmental remediation services for Installation Restoration Program (IRP) sites at multiple installations. The installations include Burlington Air National Guard Base (ANGB) in Vermont, New Castle ANGB in Delaware, Pease ANGB in New Hampshire, Stratton ANGB and Stewart ANGB in New York. The contractor will be responsible for providing all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and quality control necessary to perform Remedial Action-Operation (RAO), Long Term Maintenance (LTM), and Site Closeout (SCO) activities at these sites. The work includes conducting weekly and monthly operation and maintenance of existing groundwater treatment systems, conducting long-term monitoring events and reporting, and submitting comprehensive annual well inventories and geospatial data. The period of performance for this contract is 48 months with no option periods.

The work will be performed at Burlington ANGB in Vermont, New Castle ANGB in Delaware, Pease ANGB in New Hampshire, Stratton ANGB and Stewart ANGB in New York. The contractor will be responsible for obtaining necessary access, registrations, certifications, licenses, and permits to comply with federal, state, and local regulations. They will also be responsible for characterizing and disposing of investigation-derived and remediation-derived wastes. The contractor will need to coordinate field events with the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), the ANG Restoration Program Manager (RPM), and the respective installation point of contact (POC). They will also need to support scope-related public affairs requirements, Five Year Review efforts, and Remedial Process Optimization efforts.

Notable requirements include the preparation of a Performance Metrics and Measurement Plan (PMMP) that includes measurable milestones for progress towards objectives and shared risk with the government. Milestone payment will only be authorized upon milestone success as defined in the PMMP. The contractor will also need to perform a Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) for sites where RAO or LTM is expected to last more than five years and provide an Optimized Exit Strategy (OES) for all sites not proceeding to No Further Action (NFA) within the period of performance. Additionally, the contractor will need to prepare a Transition Plan for sites where RAO, LTM, or SCO will be required after the end of the period of performance.

Overall, this opportunity presents a significant contract for environmental remediation services at multiple National Guard installations. The contractor will have the responsibility of conducting various remediation activities, complying with regulations, and coordinating with government stakeholders. The contract duration is 48 months with no option periods, and the work will be performed at multiple locations in Vermont, Delaware, New Hampshire, and New York.


Response Deadline
Feb. 19, 2024 Past Due
Feb. 6, 2024
Set Aside
8(a) (8A)
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Not Provided

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On 2/5/24 General Services Administration issued Solicitation RFQ1677516 for USAF - FY24 Remedial Actions East - MRAS due 2/19/24.


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