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Unify Console Maintenance at Tyndall AFB, FL

ID: RFQ1677891 • Type: Solicitation


This requirement has been awarded to MCS of Tampa (see attached limited sources J & A)
The contract opportunity involves the maintenance of the Unify Console system at Tyndall AFB, FL. The contract has been awarded to MCS of Tampa due to the need for compatible replacement parts and the impracticality of completely changing the existing system and re-training controllers. The limited sources justification and approval (J&A) document states that market research will be conducted for future acquisitions to ensure no other solutions have become available. The agency may also take actions to remove any barriers that led to the restricted consideration before any subsequent acquisition for supplies or services. The contract will be performed at Tyndall AFB, FL.


Response Deadline
Feb. 20, 2024 Past Due
Feb. 7, 2024
Set Aside
Place of Performance
FL, US Tampa

Current SBA Size Standard
$34 Million
Likely Fixed Price
Est. Level of Competition
On 2/6/24 Department of the Air Force issued Solicitation RFQ1677891 for Unify Console Maintenance at Tyndall AFB, FL due 2/20/24. The opportunity was issued full & open with NAICS 541511 and PSC DA01.
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