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ID: RFQ1678540 • Alt ID: 70FBR724I00000002 • Type: Solicitation


This is a Sources Sought notice ONLY. FEMA is not seeking quotes at this time. FEMA Region 7 is seeking Small Business vendors who provide courses that can meet the objectives below. Vendors do not have to be able to provide all courses. However, vendors MUST provide a detailed course outline/syllabus for each course. In addition, a minimum of 3 references must be provided for each course. 1. Workplace Conflict Management and Resolution Course Objectives a. Identify the different types of conflict and how each can escalate. b. Identify the stages of conflict. (i.e. What causes it, how it perpetuates, and how to stop the cycle). c. Identify the 5 most common conflict resolution styles and when to use them. d. Learn how to increase positive information flow through non-verbal and verbal communication skills and how to apply these communication strategies. e. Learn effective intervention techniques and strategies. f. Learn how to handle emotionally charged situations with empathy. g. Learn techniques for managing and dealing with anger. h. Learn techniques for managing and dealing with passive aggressive behaviors. i. Learn how to identify personal communication or emotional bias and understand the link between emotional intelligence, performance, and conflict. j. Learn different ways to manage conflict to enhance productivity and performance. k. Master body language and eye contact techniques using current evidence-based practices to de-escalate conflict and why this is important to know during a conflict. l. Learn how to develop and maintain positive working relationships with difficult people. m. Learn how to self-identify and apply strategies to effectively work with difficult people in stressful situations. n. Learn how to bring out the best in even the most difficult people. o. Learn how to refine relationships and strengthen interactions with all personality types through social awareness and communication. 2. Business Writing Skills [ie. Basic writing skills, policy writing, business writing] Course Objectives a. Learn basic writing skills. b. Learn how to write for business purposes that is clear, concise, avoids misunderstanding and easily conveys your message. c. Learn how to ask the right questions before producing a document or publishing any policy. d. Learn how to write effective emails. e. Learn how to write business documents such as information papers, executive summaries, and policy. f. Learn how to demonstrate good procedural writing according to best practices. g. Learn how to increase readability and visual appeal so employees will read and reference your document/policy. h. Learn how to proactively address employee resistance when writing policy. i. Learn how to apply legal considerations to your policies and procedures. j. Learn how to write to save time and improve efficiency. 3. Critical Discussions Course Objectives a. Describe what a critical discussion is and how it differs from other business discussions. b. Identify key principles of effective communication. c. Develop skills to listen actively and empathetically to others. d. Discuss the importance of recognizing and using non-verbal cues during critical discussions. e. Explain the concepts of perception, self-regulation, and balanced leadership. f. Discuss the concepts of perception, self-perception, and mindfulness. g. Learn how to use greater emotional intelligence and a constructive communication mindset. h. Learn how to disarm others' "hot button" and put people at ease - even in the heat of a disagreement. i. Recognize how to apply critical discussion skills for improved critical discussion outcomes. j. Discuss effective strategies and skills to handle planned and unplanned critical discussions. Email responses to using the reference Sources Sought #70FBR724I00000002


Response Deadline
Feb. 14, 2024 Past Due
Feb. 11, 2024
Set Aside
Small Business (SBA)
Place of Performance
Not Provided

Current SBA Size Standard
$15 Million
Est. Level of Competition
Signs of Shaping
The solicitation is open for 4 days, below average for the Department of Homeland Security and it was released over a weekend.
On 2/10/24 Department of Homeland Security issued Solicitation RFQ1678540 for Training Courses - Professional Development due 2/14/24. The opportunity was issued with a Small Business (SBA) set aside with NAICS 611430 (SBA Size Standard $15 Million) and PSC R704.
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