Lease of Office Space within Region 8. Request for Lease Proposals (RLP) #23-REG00 - Office Space

Type: Synopsis Solicitation • ID: 23-REG00_0SD2138


This advertisement is hereby incorporated into the RLP 23-REG00 by way of reference as an RLP attachment.

U.S. GOVERNMENT seeks to lease the following office space through the Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP):

City: Rapid City

State: SD

Delineated Area:

North: Omaha Street

East: East Blvd. to E. St. Joseph St/Cambell St.

South: Cathedral Drive / Fairmont Blvd.

West: Tracing along Roosevelt Ave

Minimum ABOA Square Feet: 3,826

Maximum ABOA Square Feet: 4,200

Space Type: Office

Lease Term: 10 years, 5 firm

Offerors are encouraged to submit rates for all terms available in the AAAP for consideration against future GSA requirements.

Amortization Term: 5 years for both Tenant Improvements and Building Specific Amortized Capital.

Agency Tenant Improvement Allowance:

Existing leased space: $0.00 per ABOA SF

Other locations offered: $51.29 per ABOA SF

Building Specific Amortized Capital (BSAC):

Existing leased space: $0.00 per ABOA SF

Other locations offered: $12.00 per ABOA SF


Check the attachments and links section of this notice for possible, additional project-specific requirements or modifications to the RLP.

Offerors are advised to familiarize themselves with the telecommunications prohibitions outlined under Section 889 of the FY19 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), as implemented by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). For more information, visit:

Offerors are advised that all Shell work associated with delivering the Tenant Improvements are at the Lessor s cost. Please refer to Section 3 (Construction Standards and Shell Components) and specifically to Paragraph 3.07 (Building Shell Requirements) of the AAAP RLP Attachment #2 titled "Lease Contract" (GSA Form L100_AAAP ) for more detail. Tenant Improvement Components are detailed under Section 5 of the AAAP RLP Attachment #2 titled "Lease Contract" (GSA Form L100_AAAP) .

It is highly recommended that offerors start the SAM registration process directly following the offer submission. Refer to RLP Clause 3.06, Item 7.

(If applicable) The Government intends to award a Lease to an Offeror of a Building that is in compliance with Seismic Standards. Section 2.03 of the Request for Lease Proposals (RLP) outlines compliance activities required for all leases in moderate or high seismic zones. To determine if your property lies in a moderate or high zone, please reference the map and documents on our website.


The Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP), located at, will enable interested parties to offer space for lease to the Federal Government in response to the FY23 AAAP RLP. In addition, the Government will use its AAAP to satisfy the above space requirement.

Offerors must go to the AAAP website, select the Register to Offer Space link and follow the instructions to register. Instructional guides and video tutorials are offered on the AAAP homepage and in the HELP tab on the AAAP website. Once registered, interested parties may enter offers during any Open Period . For technical assistance with AAAP, email

The Open Period is the 1st through the 7th of each month, ending at 7:30 p.m. (ET) unless otherwise stated by the Government and unless the 7th falls on a weekend or Federal Holiday. If the 7th falls on a weekend or Federal Holiday, the Open Period will end at 7:30 PM (ET) on the next business day. Refer to AAAP RLP paragraph 3.02.A for more details on the offer submission process. The Government reserves the right to allow for multiple Open Periods prior to selecting an offer for award to meet this specific space requirement. Offers cannot be submitted during the Closed Period and will not be considered for projects executed during that time period.

Lease award will be made to the lowest price, technically acceptable offer, without negotiations, based upon the requirements in this advertisement and in the RLP requirements package found on the AAAP website. During an Open Period, offerors will be permitted to submit new offers or modify existing offers. Offerors can draft an offer at any time; however, you can only submit an offer during the Open Period.

The offered space must comply with the requirements in this advertisement and the RLP and must meet Federal Government, State, and Local jurisdiction requirements, including requirements for fire and life safety, security, accessibility, seismic, energy, and sustainability standards in accordance with the terms of the Lease. The Lease and all documents that constitute the Lease package can be found at

If you have previously submitted an offer in FY 2022, the AAAP application has a copy feature which will allow existing offers to be copied over to the FY 2023 RLP in order to avoid having to re-enter all of the data manually. Please be sure to review FY23 AAAP RLP Package and each page within the AAAP Application prior to submitting your offer as some of the questions have changed. You must re-enter your space and rates on the Space and Rates tab in the AAAP. Your previous offered space will not be copied.


Response Deadline
April 7, 2023, 6:30 p.m. EST Due in 11 Days
March 17, 2023, 6:08 p.m. EST
Set Aside
Place of Performance
Rapid City, SD USA

Evaluation Criteria
Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA)
Est. Level of Competition
On 3/17/23 PBS Region 8: Rocky Mountain Region issued Synopsis Solicitation 23-REG00_0SD2138 for Lease of Office Space within Region 8. Request for Lease Proposals (RLP) #23-REG00 - Office Space due 4/7/23. The opportunity was issued full & open with NAICS 531120 and PSC X1AA.
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