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Posted: March 17, 2023, 9:45 a.m. EST
RFI QUESTIONS -Solicitation # 36C10D23R0004 Replace Dehumidification units Dehumidification units were designed specialty for the VBA, the company is no longer in business and no one makes anything close to the weight & size & power of the old units. All new units, are longer, wider and heavier with a higher power requirements. Does VBA have any architectural, engineering drawings for load calculation on the existing roof to handle a larger unit? We do not have any architectural drawings or engineered drawings for load calculation. The new RTU s power requirement is more than the existing RTU, can the breakers be upgraded to meet the power required? We could upgrade breakers, if necessary. Existing units are about 5000 pounds new units are about 10,000, this would require engineering and new roof penetrations for the larger units is the VA good with roof penetrations? No new roof penetrations With existing cabinets being surprisingly very good shape, Will the VA be opposed to value engineering/refurbish the existing units with new parts? Compressors Coils Controls Relocate dx evaporator to be in first in the airstream. We will not get quite as low a dew point as the original design, but be a far more reliable system. leave existing blower and replace blower motor. We would not be opposed to refurbishing/using the old cabinets as long as everything is removed and replaced with NEW Motors, coils, compressors, UV lighting, controls, door handles, seals for doors and limit switches that control lighting etc.
Posted: Feb. 16, 2023, 10:54 a.m. EST
8 Statement of Work (SOW) Replacement of Dehumidification Units Date 12/05/2022 Introduction/Background The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs intends to award a Firm Fixed-Priced Contract for the required removal and installation of the dehumidification units as stated herein. The Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking a qualified construction firm for a project to replace six aging dehumidification units at the Veterans Benefits Administration Regional Office building. The rooftop dehumidification units are 9 years old and are continuously breaking down. These units are vital to the operation of the Regional Office. The project also will improve the overall air quality inside the Regional Office. The removal and installation project must be completed within the period of performance, as it affects the humidity level of the Regional Office. Scope of Work The scope of work for the dehumidification unit project includes the Removal of old rooftop dehumidification units and installation of new rooftop dehumidification units. This requirement is a like for like replacement. All new units will be connected into existing chiller lines and electrical conduits. Existing 6 rooftop units data and dimensions are as follows: DH-1 = 219 L x 80.5 W x 75 H 5590 CFM DH-2 = 219 L x 80.5 W x 75 H 4980 CFM DH-3 = 219 L x 80.5 W x 75 H 5680 CFM DH-4 = 219 L x 80.5 W x 75 H 4740 CFM DH-5 = 219 L x 80.5 W x 75 H 3000 CFM DH-6 = 219 L x 80.5 W x 75 H 4420 CFM The new dehumidification units will be placed using the same supports and penetrations as the old dehumidification units. Contractor will ensure structurally sound installation. No new roof penetration will be authorized. ALL roof penetrations will have old boots replaced with new boots and sealed completely to prevent water infiltration. Any damage to government property, due to unit replacement including the roof, shall be the responsibility of the contractor to correct. VA Specifications can be found at: Units approved by VBA will interface with the most current METASYS building automation computer system by Johnson Controls and will be configured accordingly. This is to include any updates to ensure seamless turn over of all new units to current system upon completion of installation. All landscaping disturbed by the construction activity will be returned to existing condition. Contractor will test all and verify that all units are accurately configured and functioning within approved unit specifications. Unless otherwise approved by the COR as part of the Contractor s recycling plan, the Contractor shall remove all packing material, debris, and cartons from the job site daily. All construction material and debris, including the dehumidification units must be hauled off of the VA campus and disposed of properly following all federal, state, and local rules and regulations. The Contractor is required to provide a dumpster for disposal of recyclables, trash, and packing materials from the installation site. No recyclables, trash, or packing materials shall be disposed of or discarded in facility-owned recycling or trash containers or dumpsters. The Contractor shall, prior to shipment, delivery and installation, visit and inspect the project premises in order to confirm the conditions under which the work is to be performed, verify the stage of completion of the premises and the project, determine the availability of facilities for access, delivery, transportation and storage, determine the physical restrictions imposed by the VBA, separate contractors and building trades, and correlate these observations with the requirements of the contract documents. The Contractor shall promptly report to the VBA any difficulties observed during such inspection or at any time thereafter, and shall not be responsible for correcting difficulties, not reasonable anticipated at the time of execution of the contract. Period of Performance The dehumidification unit s removal and installation shall commence after delivery of the first unit. Delivery of additional units shall be no more than 30 days after delivery of first unit. The offeror shall complete installation in a maximum 12 weeks. All shipping, handling, and storage charges shall be paid by the offeror. Responsibility and liability for loss or damage shall remain with offeror until final inspection and acceptance by VBA. One unit per weekend will be removed & replaced and contractor will have access to the units Monday Friday 0600-1800HRS for programming, balancing, and commissioning, etc. All modifications or extensions will be requested through the contracting officer for review and discussion. Only the Contracting Officer may approve deviations to the schedule and any change in work to be done. Place of Performance All work is to be coordinated with the VA Regional Office (VARO) 9500 Bay Pines Blvd. Building #46 St. Petersburg, FL. The VA Project POC is Bill Reber and can be reached by telephone at 727-319-5822 PERFORMANCE OF WORK ON GOVERNMENT PREMISES: The contractor will abide by the current regional office/ VA campus regulations which include but are not limited to, escort during installation by VBA officials, presenting valid identification for entrance, smoking restriction and any safety procedures as outlined in the site regulations. (Smoking/vaping is not allowed in any sections of the campus, where the work shall be performed.) The contractor will oversee their own employees as well as their Sub-contractors. An approved safety plan including crane safety will be required. The Contractor shall be responsible for the acts and omissions of all his employees and all subcontractor, their agents and employees and all other persons performing any of the work under a contract with the Contractor. Work Requirements The scope of services for the replacement of dehumidification units includes holding a kickoff meeting with all parties within 5 working days after award of project, to be followed up with weekly progress meetings. Contractor will present a detailed plan of action on the position of the crane to remove the old units and placing the new units. Contractor will provide training within 3 months for approximately 15 HVAC staff (all tours of duty to be considered) located at the Bay Pines VAMC for the new dehumidification units upon completion of project. Contractor will also submit a detailed CPM (Critical Path Method) to include start date and end date of the project at the kickoff meeting. Meet all incoming delivery vehicles at the building entrance, unload deliveries, check for damages, and move them to the designated areas. Trucks are not allowed to remain in the loading dock area. At no time during the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM will the contractor block the Visitor parking lot. VBA and the GC will work to designate a staging area and parking for GC employees. Contractor will return staging area to current conditions. Offeror shall provide two copies of each of the following: Product Warranties Copies of final drawings with part numbers Certification/evidence the proposed products meet commercial quality and safety standards, i.e., ASTM, Underwriters Laboratory testing. Provide evidence the proposed products are manufactured in the United States. Other Requirements Within five working days of award of the contract, the Contractors will furnish to the Contracting Officer the Name, Birth date, Social Security Number and Sex of all employees of that firm involved with this contract and their subcontractors for a background check. To accomplish the background check, the Contractors shall complete VA Form 20-0344 ANNUAL CERTIFICATION OF VETERAN STATUS AND VETERAN-RELATIVES and shall be returned to the Contracting Officer no later than five working days after award. No one will be allowed to work on-site prior to background check. The government reserves the right to deny any individual access to the building. The COR will identify which employees of the Contractors and sub-contractor that will need identification badges and those identified will be required to wear them, and they will be visible at all times while on the premises. These PIV badges will be provided by VBA on site within building 46. All work shall comply with ALL OSHA and EPA regulations including but not limited to applicable requirements of 29CFR 1910/1926 and 40CFR 761. The Contractor shall assume full responsibility and liability for compliance with all applicable regulations (to include but not limited to OSHA regulations as well as submitted and approved safety plan) pertaining to the health and safety of personnel during the execution of work. The Contractor shall hold the Government harmless for any action on its part or that of its employees or subcontractors, which results in illness or death. The Contractor shall provide all necessary, applicable safety equipment and ensure that such equipment and all relevant safety procedures are being followed for the job being performed and are utilized properly. The Contractor shall take all necessary precautions to prevent injury to the public, occupants, or damage to property of others. The public and occupants includes all persons not employed by the Contractors, or Subcontractors. Corridors, aisles, stairways, doors and exit ways shall not be obstructed or used in a manner to encroach upon routes of ingress, or egress utilized by the public or occupants, or to present an unsafe or unhealthy condition to the public or occupants. All construction related equipment, materials, debris, etc. should not affect any other area outside of the construction area. The Contractor shall store, position, and use equipment, tools, materials, scraps and trash in a manner that does not present a hazard to the public or occupants of the building. Wherever practical, the work area shall be barricaded or otherwise blocked off from the public or occupants to prevent unauthorized entry into the work area. Red DO NOT ENTER and/or yellow CAUTION tape shall be installed in work areas. All entrance/exit doors in construction area shall be identified as construction areas to prevent visitors from entering/exiting through the construction area. Store and transport refuse and debris in a manner to prevent unsafe and unhealthy conditions for the public and occupants. Cover refuse containers and remove refuse on a frequent regular basis acceptable to the Contracting Officer. Use tarpaulins or other means to prevent loose transported materials from dropping from trucks. Dispose of all waste, demolition materials, etc., and recycle all to the extent possible. Report all items recycled to the Contracting Officer, and VARO POC.


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On 2/16/23 VBA Headquarters issued Solicitation 36C10D23R0004 for Replacement of Dehumidification units on roof top of building 46. due 3/29/23. The opportunity was issued full & open with NAICS 238220 and PSC J041.
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