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ID: RFQ1681077 • Type: Solicitation


The FBI previously invested in advanced data analytics capabilities to complement their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation. The analytics system became HR Reports and was originally built using an Oracle Database platform for data warehousing, Informatica for data integration, and MicroStrategy for data visualization.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is seeking a contractor to provide development, testing, implementation, and maintenance services for their advanced data analytics capabilities. The FBI's HR Reports system, built on an Oracle Database platform, Informatica, and MicroStrategy, has played a critical role in solving human capital problems related to workforce management, hiring, and diversity. The technology has undergone several modernization iterations, including migrating to cloud infrastructure on AWS and implementing advanced features of MicroStrategy and ThoughtSpot for self-service analytics. The contractor will be responsible for developing new data models, pipelines, visualizations, predictive models, and interfaces with other systems. They will also maintain the existing technology stack and infrastructure, including MicroStrategy applications, ThoughtSpot Worksheets, data integration processes, and custom applications. Additionally, the contractor will support ad-hoc data analysis requests from internal and external government agencies and ensure system security and compliance with ATO requirements. The period of performance is estimated to start in August 2024 and last for a total of 5 years.

Overall, this contract opportunity presents a comprehensive scope of work for a contractor to support the FBI's data analytics capabilities. The contractor will be responsible for developing new solutions using cloud native services, maintaining existing technology infrastructure, and implementing enterprise-wide analytics solutions for law enforcement agencies. The contract also includes supporting ad-hoc data analysis requests from internal and external government agencies across various subject areas such as HR, Security, Finance, and Training. The contractor must have experience with developing custom web applications and deploying AWS infrastructure on classified and unclassified networks while ensuring system security. The period of performance is anticipated to be 5 years with a start date in August 2024.


Response Deadline
March 12, 2024 Past Due
Feb. 27, 2024
Set Aside
Small Business (SBA)
Place of Performance
Not Provided

Current SBA Size Standard
$34 Million
Est. Level of Competition
On 2/26/24 Department of Justice issued Solicitation RFQ1681077 for HR Reports due 3/12/24. The opportunity was issued with a Small Business (SBA) set aside with NAICS 541511 (SBA Size Standard $34 Million) and PSC DA01.
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