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HHS - Medical Monitoring Project (MMP) Meta Database - MRAS

ID: RFQ1681254 • Alt ID: R_G2L9mggGbR6yva0 • Type: Solicitation


On behalf of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), GSA is conducting market research. To respond to this RFI, copy and paste the below link into a new browser. Only responses submitted through the linked RFI will be accepted. Nothing else will be evaluated or recorded (this includes selecting 'interested' within eBuy). Link to RFI: Note: If the link does not work, try clearing your browser history (cache) and then copying and pasting the link into a new browser. Any questions regarding this RFI will be responded to by email only. Send your inquiry to: - be sure to include the RFQ number.
The Division of HIV Prevention (DHP) is seeking development, support, and maintenance services for two databases: the Medical Monitoring Project (MMP) Meta Database and the PCB Metrics Database. The MMP is a surveillance project that collects data on adults with diagnosed HIV, while the PCB Metrics Database is used to manage and store data related to performance measures for the Let's Stop HIV Together campaign. The period of performance for this contract is from September 16, 2024, to September 15, 2029, with four option periods. The work will be primarily performed off-site at the Contractor's facilities, with an estimated 0% performed on-site at CDC facilities. The Contractor will be responsible for tasks such as application development, IT operations and maintenance, user support, documentation, and IT project planning and management.

The purpose of this acquisition is to build and provide support for a new CDC-internal MMP Meta Database and web application and to provide maintenance for the existing PCB Metrics Database. The objectives include developing and maintaining the new database and web application in alignment with CDC policies and needs, obtaining IT expertise and support for CDC, ensuring efficient and effective support for CDC staff through accountability and availability of information/data applications, and promoting effective communication among stakeholders.

The scope of work includes tasks such as requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, production deployment, web development, database development and management, training and end-user technical support, IT operations and maintenance planning, metadata quality management, data transformation, prioritizing and correcting defects, IT project planning and management activities, IT application testing, IT systems security compliance activities, operations maintenance and retirement of IT applications. Deliverables include various documents such as kick-off meeting briefing document, requirements document, architecture documents, user support materials/documentation, project documentation, source codes, final report/transition plan.

Overall, this opportunity provides a comprehensive scope of work to develop and maintain databases critical to HIV prevention and care efforts. The contract will span a five-year period with the potential for four option periods, and the work will primarily be performed off-site at the Contractor's facilities.


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March 3, 2024 Past Due
Feb. 27, 2024
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The solicitation is open for 6 days, below average for the General Services Administration.
On 2/26/24 General Services Administration issued Solicitation RFQ1681254 for HHS - Medical Monitoring Project (MMP) Meta Database - MRAS due 3/3/24.


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