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EPA - Fleet Clean School Bus Program - MRAS

ID: RFQ1679317 • Alt ID: R_GDjYR0fmUUH68bv • Type: Solicitation


On behalf of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), GSA is conducting market research. To respond to this RFI, copy and paste the below link into a new browser. Only responses submitted through the linked RFI will be accepted. Nothing else will be evaluated or recorded (this includes selecting 'interested' within eBuy). Link to RFI: Note: If the link does not work, try clearing your browser history (cache) and then copying and pasting the link into a new browser. Any questions regarding this RFI will be responded to by email only. Send your inquiry to: - be sure to include the RFQ number.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking Information Technology (IT) support for the development and implementation of technology solutions to support various programs aimed at reducing harmful emissions from heavy-duty diesel engines. The primary focus is on the Clean School Bus (CSB) Program, which provides funding for the purchase of low- or zero-emissions school buses. The contractor will be responsible for maintaining and updating the web-based forms and data storage system used for the CSB Rebate Program. They will also provide IT support for data analysis, data visualization, database development, and project management.

The timeframe for the acquisition is not specified in the summary. The place of performance/delivery is not explicitly mentioned, but it can be inferred that it will be within the United States, as the programs are focused on improving air quality and reducing emissions in the country.

Notable aspects of this opportunity include the need for expertise in web and cloud-based solutions, database development and management, data visualization, project management, and IT service delivery. The contractor must also ensure compliance with applicable federal regulations and standards, including Section 508 compliance for accessibility. Additionally, there is a focus on maintaining data security and integrating with existing EPA systems.

Overall, this opportunity presents a significant IT support contract with a focus on developing and maintaining technology solutions to support EPA programs aimed at reducing emissions from heavy-duty diesel engines. The contractor will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of web-based forms, data storage systems, and data visualization tools.


Response Deadline
Feb. 21, 2024 Past Due
Feb. 15, 2024
Set Aside
Place of Performance
United s (not explicitly mentioned)

Current SBA Size Standard
$34 Million
Multiple Types Common
Est. Level of Competition
Signs of Shaping
The solicitation is open for 7 days, below average for the General Services Administration.
On 2/14/24 General Services Administration issued Solicitation RFQ1679317 for EPA - Fleet Clean School Bus Program - MRAS due 2/21/24. The opportunity was issued full & open with NAICS 541511 and PSC DB10.


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