cgc james NR2 SSDG Exhaust Inspect, Repair, Cleaning, Renew Lagging

Type: Synopsis Solicitation • ID: 70Z08523P000018294


  1. ITEM 1: Ship Service Diesel Generator Exhaust Piping, Clean and Repair

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1.1 Intent. This work item describes the requirements for the Contractor to clean the Ship Service Diesel Generator (SSDG) exhaust piping (including the associated stack uptakes) and renew all exhaust piping insulation for the SSDG listed in Table 1.

Table 1 List of ssdg(s)



Ship Service Diesel Generator No. 2

Fwd Main Machinery Room (5-44-01-E)

1.2 Government-furnished property.

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Coast Guard Drawings

Coast Guard Drawing 750-WMSL-259-003, Rev G, Main Prop DSL/SS DSL Gen Air Intake/Exhaust Diagram (ASC259002)

Coast Guard Drawing 750-WMSL-259-017, Rev E, Incin & Dg Intake & Combustion Exhaust Arr, Dets & L/M Below 2nd Deck (ASC2259015)

Coast Guard Drawing 750-WMSL-259-018, Rev B, Incin & Dg Intake & Combustion Exhaust Sup, Dets & L/M Below 2nd Deck (ASC259016)

Coast Guard Drawing 750-WMSL-259-019, Rev G, Incin & Dg Intake & Combustion Exhaust Arr, Dets & L/M, 2nd Dk - 02 Lvl (ASC259017)

Coast Guard Drawing 750-WMSL-259-020, Rev D, Incin & Dg Intake & Combustion Exhaust Sup, Dets & L/M 2nd Deck - 02 Lvl (ASC259018)

Coast Guard Drawing 750-WMSL-259-021, Rev C, Incin & Dg intake & Combn Exh Arr, Det & L/M Abv 02 Lvl (ASC259019)

Coast Guard Drawing 750-WMSL-259-022, Rev B, Incin & Dg Intake & Combustion Exhaust Sup, Dets & L/M Abv 02 Lvl (ASC259020)

Coast Guard Drawing 750-WMSL-508-001, Rev C, Piping and Machinery Insulation Schedule and L/M (ASC508001)

Coast Guard Publications

Surface Forces Logistics Center Standard Specification 0000 (SFLC Std Spec 0000), 2020, General Requirements

Surface Forces Logistics Center Standard Specification 6310 (SFLC Std Spec 6310), 2020, Requirements for Preservation of Ship Structures

Other References

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 29, Part 1915, 2022, Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment


3.1 General.

3.1.1 CIR.


3.1.2 Tech Rep.

Not applicable.

3.1.3 Protective measures. The Contractor must furnish and install all protective measures in accordance with SFLC Std Spec 0000, paragraph 3.3.3 (Vessel component, space, and equipment protection).

3.1.4 Interferences. The Contractor must handle all interferences in accordance with SFLC Std Spec 0000, paragraph 3.3.5 (Interferences). Known interferences include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Access covers
  • Exhaust stack
  • SSDG
  • Vent ducting
  • Wiring
  • Exhaust pipe expansion joints
  • Exhaust insulation blankets

3.1.5 The Contractor must conform to all requirements specified in SFLC Std Spec 0000 during the performance of this availability.

3.2 Staging or scaffolding. The Contractor must erect suitable staging or scaffolding in accordance with 29 CFR 1915, Subpart E (Scaffolds, Ladders and Other Working Surfaces) to facilitate work, as required.

3.3 Safety precaution. The Contractor must rig suitable safety netting, to protect workers during possible falls, and to protect the Engine Room and machinery from falling tools.

3.3.1 Temporary safety railing. To promote safety, the Contractor must limit existing safety railing removals to an area where new safety railing can be installed during the same workday. During periods when not actively working on new safety railing, secure any gaps between existing safety railing with a substantial temporary lifeline arrangement similar to that currently installed on the vessel. Remove and dispose of all temporary lifelines upon completion of work.

3.4 Work plan. The Contractor must develop and submit to the COR, a plan for collecting and disposing of waste extracted during cleaning process. Ensure that the proposed plan must detail how and where exhaust piping will be disconnected, how entire length of exhaust piping will be divided/sectioned for cleaning, and precautions to protect the SSDG. The Contractor must perform this work upon receiving Coast Guard approval of the plan.


Coast Guard personnel will operate all shipboard machinery and equipment.

3.5 Operational test, initial. Prior to commencement of work, the Contractor must witness Coast Guard personnel perform an initial operational test of the exhaust piping system, to demonstrate existing operational condition. Submit a CFR.

3.6 Cleaning. The Contractor must clean the interior surfaces of the exhaust piping and stack uptakes to the SSDG, shown on Coast Guard Drawing(s) 750-WMSL-259-003, 750-WMSL- 259-017, 750-WMSL-259-018, 750-WMSL-259-019, 750-WMSL-259-020, 750-WMSL-259-021, and 750-WMSL-259-022 to a condition free from soot, tar, and any other foreign matter as follows:

3.6.1 Disconnect the exhaust piping as necessary to facilitate cleaning. Install blank flanges to exhaust piping at the engine.

3.6.2 Thoroughly sweep, mechanically clean, and vacuum the interior of each exhaust pipe system, including the mufflers, from the exhaust outlet to the topmost location outside the vessel. Clean all adjacent stack uptake surfaces. Ensure that all tar deposits, soot deposits, and all other surface contaminants are removed.

3.6.3 Remove all debris from the pipe surfaces, stack deck, and Engine Room areas by vacuuming. Dispose of all cleaning materials and generated debris in accordance with all applicable Federal, state, and local regulations.

3.6.4 Reassemble exhaust piping; renew all flange connection gaskets with suitable high temperature, non-asbestos-containing gasket materials; and renew all disturbed fasteners. Gasket material for flanges must be Flexitallic thermiculite, CRES 316 Core, Max Service Temp 1450 deg F, Flexitallic or equal, 1/8 thick gasket (Item # 58, 750-WMSL-259-019). Renew all disturbed fasteners. Coat fasteners with metal-free anti-seize compound rated at 1600 Degree F in accordance with MIL-PRF-907H.

3.7 Inspection and report. The Contractor must perform a visual inspection of the following components and submit a CFR:

  • Exhaust stack access hatches, including all associated studs and nuts.
  • All cleaned exhaust stack surfaces.
  • All exhaust expansion joints, including associated bolts.

3.7.1 Following cleaning of the interior of each exhaust pipe system, the Contractor must demonstrate completeness of the cleaning process to the Coast Guard Inspector, showing that the entire length of exhaust piping has been cleaned according to the work plan.


Coast Guard personnel will operate all shipboard machinery and equipment.

3.8 Operational test, post repairs. After completion of work, the Contractor must thoroughly test, in the presence of the Coast Guard Inspector and demonstrate the exhaust piping system to be in satisfactory operating condition. Submit a CFR

3.9 Insulation renewal. The Contractor must renew the insulation on all exhaust components, including fittings, flanges, flex pipe and piping in accordance with Coast Guard Drawing 750-WMSL-508-001. Coat the newly installed insulation using the system specified for Insulation Surfaces, Fiberglass Sheet/Closed Cell PVC Foam in SFLC Std Spec 6310.

3.10 Touch-up preservation. The Contractor must prepare and coat all new and disturbed surfaces to match existing adjacent surfaces in accordance with SFLC Std Spec 6310, paragraph 3.1.13 (Touch-ups and minor coating repairs.)


This section is not applicable to this work item.


Response Deadline
March 28, 2023, 10:00 a.m. EST (original: March 24, 2023, 10:00 a.m. EST) Past Due
March 17, 2023, 1:35 p.m. EST (updated: March 24, 2023, 3:25 p.m. EST)
Set Aside
Place of Performance
North Charleston, SC 29405 United States

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Est. Level of Competition
On 3/17/23 Surface Forces Logistics Center issued Synopsis Solicitation 70Z08523P000018294 for cgc james NR2 SSDG Exhaust Inspect, Repair, Cleaning, Renew Lagging due 3/28/23. The opportunity was issued full & open with NAICS 336611 and PSC J020.
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