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This is a Sources sought/Request for Information notice for information only. This sources sought is for the purpose of conducting market research to provide data for planning purposes to determine the capability and interest of US Small Business in meeting the requirement outlined in this notice. This sources sought synopsis announcement does not constitute a formal solicitation, and is not a request for proposal, request for quote, invitation for bid, does not obligate the government to award a contract, issue a solicitation, reimburse respondents for any proposal preparation and/or submittal costs, nor does its issuance in any way restrict the Government as to its ultimate acquisition approach. The Government will not pay for any materials provided in response to this notice and submittals will not be returned to the sender.

The Embassy of the United States of America through its agency INL have a cooperation program with CETEP of Honduras, this program is focused in improving the academic resources in order to provide a better knowledge to the Police Officer. In this area of cooperation, INL had decided to provide the adequate infrastructure by remodeling an existing building (Hangar) that had been designated to the CETEP by the Government of Honduras.

The project shall be conducted according to the plans and specifications detailed in this document. The Contractor shall perform the following work:

A.1. - Preliminary work: Preliminary work includes the refurbishment of the facilities according to the specifications detailed in chapter 1. These facilities shall be done inside the existing building.

Also, preliminary work includes the demolition of the existing walls, windows and doors that are no longer needed in order to comply with the new architectural distribution.

The preliminary work shall also include a technical revision of the designs and the technical review in order to nationalize the designs and accomplish with all the local requirements that the host country demands for construction approvals. Therefore, the contractor shall provide all the qualified technical staff that will be responsible of all the designs and will develop all the drawings according to the local regulations based on the designs, drawings and specifications stated in this document.

A.2. - Construction of new walls: The contractor shall build the walls according to the architectural drawings and these specifications, nevertheless the contractor shall guarantee the stability of the walls, therefore the contractor shall include any type of reinforcement that he considers and that is not included in these specifications and drawings.

The walls shall be finished with Masonry Structure according to the materials specifications, this type of finish will also be applied to the existing exterior and interior block walls in the areas that are visible and in the area of the improvement that are detailed in drawings.

A.3. - Floors & Coatings: The contractor shall demolish the existing floor and build a new concrete floor for the following areas: Bathrooms. The reconstruction of the floor will be by using a concrete layer (210kg/cm2) of 10 cm in thickness with a reinforcement of electro-welded mesh of 150x150x4mm.

Also, a renovation of floors with an epoxy treatment shall be performed for the following areas: Dormitory areas for these areas the contractor shall first repair all the cracks and holes detected in the existing concrete floor, then shall clean the area and build a colored epoxy layer according to the specifications.

All the bathrooms and Laundry of the project shall be covered with new ceramic High Traffic floor tile according to the specifications.

Between the finished floors and the interior walls mop boards of timber shall be provided and installed by the Contractor, except for those areas that are covered with ceramic tiles.

A.4.- Coating for Walls and Countertops: New ceramic wall tiles shall be provided and installed by the Contractor in all the bathrooms according to drawings. It is needed to clarify that at the bathrooms of the dormitories, the ceramic tile will be installed from floor to ceiling.

The new ceramic wall tile shall be according to the respective specification.

All the walls of the project shall be painted with acrylic paint according to the spec except for those that are covered with ceramic tiles or with aluminum panels. The paint shall include the existing walls at the interior and exterior areas that are part of the renovation.

Regarding the countertops for it shall be constructed with granite manufactured on site and according to the specifications, but just for the bathrooms can be accepted granite countertops manufactured at the factory. Granite Countertop shall be according to the respective specification.

A.5.- Ceilings: Ceiling type gypsum - vinyl of 2x4 with metallic support shall be installed for the Entire Space.

At the first floor in areas code the existing ceiling is the second floor that is supported over metallic beans and panels, this ceiling shall be painted with enamel including the metallic beams and the horizontal metallic panels.

A.6.- Hydraulic and Sanitary Systems:

a.- Construction of a potable water system - Following the specifications stated in the project and drawings, the contractor shall provide, place, connect, fix and test all the pipes, accessories and special items, as well as the required valves, which together will serve to conduct potable water from the existing water supply that is located in front of the building to the different sanitary devices. The Contractor shall include all the accessories needed to connect the building to the existing water system.

Also, the contractor shall provide and install all the pipes and accessories for the hot water system that provide the supply for the showers. The heaters system will be provided by INL in a future; therefore, the contractor shall deliver one outlet for the cold water, and two outlets for the hot water according to drawing W-03. In these water outlets the contractor shall provide and install 3 gate valves with a cap.

The system shall follow the local regulations and the regulations of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), and the National Standard Plumbing Code (NSPC).

b.- Construction of the sewer system - The Contractor shall provide, place, connect and satisfactorily test the pipes, revision points, and other devices of the entire sewer systems for the building. The sewer systems to be built are detailed in drawing. Requirements include a connection to an existing sewage system located in the corner of the building to provide appropriate drainage of wastewater from the building.

Also, the contractor will repair the existing metallic gutter that collects the rainy water from the roof. The contractor can use the existing metallic gutter that does not have holes or that is not bent.

A.8.- Construction of the Electric System: The Contractor shall design and build the electric system according to the local electric company regulations, the designs shall be developed by a certificated Electric Engineer.

The internal electric system of the building shall be designed and built according to the basic requirements detailed in drawings EL-01, EL-02, and EL-03. Also, the contractor shall design and build the electric connections (outlets, pipes, and cables) for the air conditioning and ventilation systems. It is needed to clarify that the ventilation system and the air conditioning system shall be designed by the Contractor, for this design review section G.9.c.

The electric supply for the building shall be from the high voltage line that is in front of the building. The contractor shall also develop the design of the high voltage transformation to provide the appropriate power connection. The required transformer will be provided by INL once the contractor delivers the final electric design and the specifications for the transformer and connections. The type of connection will be according to the local regulations for an aerial supply.

Also, INL is going to provide the connection from the transformer to the electric meter and from there to the main electric board. The contractor shall provide and install the main electric board and all the secondary electric boards and their respective connections.

A.9.- Construction of Special Systems:

a.- Construction of the Emergency Power System - Also, the contractor will design a power emergency system that should provide electricity through a diesel generator. This emergency system will provide power to the offices area and the academic area that includes the following areas.

INL will provide the generator, the transfer board, and the respective contentions to the transformer and to the main board according to the designs performed by the contractor. Therefore, the contractor shall prepare and deliver the specifications required for the acquisition of the mentioned equipment.

The generator will be in area 300, the connections shall be aerial and shall accomplish with all the requirements and regulations of the NFPA and those from the local Electric Company.

b.- Air Conditioning and Ventilation System - INL is going to provide an air conditioning and ventilation system to the building to have acclimatized areas. All the equipment for this system will be provided by INL, while the contractor will provide the electric outlets in order to connect the equipment.

The contractor shall design the air conditioning system considering the following requirements:

All the remodeled areas of the building will have an air conditioning system that will provide a temperature of an average of approximately 20 C, except for the following areas that will use fans: halls and for the laundries.

INL will provide and install all the equipment and ducts for the different air conditioning systems designed by the contractor. Also, INL will provide the fans for the halls (104, 202, 213) and for the laundries (109), while the Contractor shall provide and install all the required power outlets in order to connect this equipment.

Regarding the ventilation system, the contractor shall design an appropriate system in order to extract the odors from the toilets. INL will provide the extractors, while the contractor shall install it and also shall provide and install all the ducts and power connections. The ducts shall conduct the odors to the exterior of the building.

A.10.- Doors and Windows: The contractor shall provide and install the doors and windows according to the architectural drawings and the respective specifications detailed in this document If the Contractor has to provide other type of model it can be done by a simple COR authorization, but the materials and the main concept shall remain the same as it is established in the specifications. Before the Contractor manufactures these items, the Contractor will provide samples for the COR approval.

A.12.- Optional Item: The following Items shall be an option that will be added to the contract by the Contracting Officer in case that the Government decided to perform it.

Optional Item 1: New Roof for the Existing Building: The existing roof shall be changed by a new thermal and acoustic roof according to drawings and to the material specification. This change shall be performed from axis A to axis J as it is detailed in drawing AD-08. In the joint between the new roof and the existing roof (axis J ), the new roof shall be located under the existing roof with an overlap no less than 20 cm. All the existing roof sheets that will be disassembled in the area of the renovation shall be properly stored and delivered to the beneficiary by a signed inventory. Also, in the area of the renovation the Contractor shall paint the existing metallic structure of the roof with anti-rust paint.

ORDER OF MAGNITUDE: $500,000.00 - $5,000,000.00 IAW FAR 36.204(f)

Anticipated Period of Performance: The Period of Performance for this requirement is:

  • 300 calendar days from the issuance of the Notice to Proceed (NTP)

The Bidder is required to provide a Proposed Construction Schedule that adheres to the estimated timeline. Deviations due to weather or site conditions from the Bidder s Proposed Construction Schedule will be reviewed and considered by the CO on a case-by-case basis.

Place of Performance:

Construction Services will be performed at ITP Instituto T cnico Policial (Nave 202), Colonia San Miguel, Comayagua, Honduras

This is not a solicitation, nor will a solicitation package be issued as a result of this announcement, and no award shall be made as a result of this announcement. In the event that a solicitation is developed, it will be assigned a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) number or Request for Quotation (RFQ) and the announcement will be published on


For the purposes of this acquisition, the applicable NAICS code is 236220. Responses are requested no later than 31 March 2023 at 12:00 PM EST. Direct expression of interest as well as required documentation should be submitted in writing, via email, to Coy Brown at and Joonpil Hwang at All prospective offerors are responsible for monitoring this site for the release of all other information pertaining to the synopsis and solicitation.


All potential sources with the capability to provide the requirements referenced in this sources sought are invited to submit, in writing, sufficient information within the page limitations listed below. This information should demonstrate the respondent's ability to fulfill the technical, delivery, and support requirements and be responsive to the technical questions in this RFI as indicated below. We will not answer technical questions or provide additional technical information at this time via this sources sought notice. Please understand that the rough order of magnitude is for the purposes of market research and your firm will in no way be committed to any estimate you provide under this notice.

Responses to this RFI shall include the following:

1. A cover sheet which includes:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Point of Contact
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • UEI Number
  • Primary Business and Market Areas
  • Business Size and Socioeconomic Status (if applicable)

2. Relevant Construction Project Experience (two (2) page limit):

  • The potential offerors need to demonstrate that they posses, within the last five years, construction experience similar to that described in this specified source sought category. Offerors must verify experience commensurate with all phases of building construction, tunneling, and road construction.
  • Experience described above needs to include the offeror's role, primary contractor or sub-contractor. Each project experience needs to include the contract number, the US Agency or private company that awarded the contract and contract monetary value.
  • In accordance with DOSAR 652.242-73(a) potential offerors need to possess Honduran permits and licenses to operate legally in the country. Copies of the licenses must be submitted in response to the sources sought to provide evidence of this authorization and are excluded from the two (2) page limit. In cases where licenses and/or permits are not in the name of the respondent, provide details about the percentage of ownership/control the respondent has of the entity with licenses/permits.
  • The potential offerors need to document experience in coordinating with host nation government(s) to mitigate and solve potential issues;

3. Capabilities of Successfully Completing constructions:

  • Ability to provide all required design and engineering services, manpower, and materials to construct new buildings or to renovate existing ones;
  • Ability to provide and deliver required materials and equipment to projects located in Honduras;
  • Capabilities to import all required material and equipment through either sea or air transportation to Honduras;
  • Ability that, should a solicitation be issued in the future for this requirement, offerors should declare if the offeror is applying as a primary contractor, a joint venture or partnership or other as applicable to their submission.
  • Ability that, should sub-contractors figure into an offeror's plans, the offeror will be expected to specify what percentage of work will be tasked to assigned sub-contractors.


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