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Afmecal Wi-Fi

ID: RFQ1679888 • Alt ID: FA226324FG001 • Type: Solicitation


The requirement is for a AFMETCAL Wi-Fi system in accordance with the attached statement of work(SOW). Offerors must submit technical information to this agency for technical evaluation to determine technical acceptability. Technical acceptability will be determined by verifying each offerors proposal meets all of the SOW requirements. Offers must be found technically acceptable to be eligible for award. Offeror must submit WiFi equipment placement plan on provided floor plans as a part of their technical proposal. Offers will be evaluated as follows: Technical acceptability (acceptable/not-acceptable), delivery schedule, past performance and price. Technical, delivery schedule and past performance are more important than price. The government may be willing to pay more for an accelerated delivery schedule(including installation). Required delivery of the AFMETCAL Wi-Fi system (including installation) shall be no later than 60 days after GSA order is awarded. A kind, condition and count acceptance shall be completed upon receipt of units at delivery location by the government. FoB Destination. Net 30 Days for payment. This will be purchased on a GPC (government purchase card) by submitting an offer you agree to this payment method. The Government intends to award one firm fixed price order from this solicitation. Notice to Offerors: The Government reserves the right to cancel this solicitation either before or after the closing date. In the event the Government cancels this solicitation, the Government has no obligation to reimburse an offeror for any costs. Electronic submissions via email are not permissible due to file size limits. Submissions are only allowed via GSA EBUY. Offerors bare the risk for receipt of submitted offers being untimely. Any offer or modification to the offer received after the exact time specified for receipt of offers/quotes may not be considered. All responsible sources may submit an offer, which if received timely shall be considered by this agency. Please provide GSA Contract Terms and Conditions and registration printout with submission. If your registration does not address 889 requirements, please upload a separate document with FAR clause 52.204-24 completed and signed with your EBUY submission. Reference FA226324FG001 in all correspondence.
This contract opportunity is for the installation of an AFMETCAL Wi-Fi system that will provide network service to three distinct locations and ensure adequate Wi-Fi signal coverage for all users. The network must meet specific minimum specifications, including capacity for concurrent wireless devices, utilization of internet service, firewall and intrusion detection capabilities, log maintenance, equipment licensing fees, Wi-Fi router standards, security connections, virtual network hosting, and provision of a captive portal. The installation will cover specific areas in the Horton building (17,289 square feet) and Boeing building (Engineering lab-3,726 square feet; Application engineering, IT and COR Office- 3,588 square feet). The wireless network must be fully functional at the end of the installation, with all user accounts and passwords transferred. Additionally, training on routine maintenance of the installed network must be provided to personnel. The work must be completed within 60 days of contract award.


Response Deadline
Feb. 27, 2024 (original: Feb. 28, 2024) Past Due
Feb. 21, 2024
Set Aside
Small Business (SBA)
Place of Performance

Current SBA Size Standard
1250 Employees
Fixed Price
Est. Level of Competition
Signs of Shaping
The solicitation is open for 7 days, below average for the Department of the Air Force. 88% of obligations for similar contracts within the Department of the Air Force were awarded full & open.
On 2/20/24 Department of the Air Force issued Solicitation RFQ1679888 for Afmecal Wi-Fi due 2/27/24. The opportunity was issued with a Small Business (SBA) set aside with NAICS 334111 (SBA Size Standard 1250 Employees) and PSC DA01.
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