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This Notice of Intent is provided to advise that the Government intends to solicit and negotiate a Sole Source, Firm-Fixed-Priced, Purchase Order, with only one (1) source, Bitscopic Inc. The procurement is for the software licensing use of Wellness365 for multiple medical centers within VISN 21. This contract action is for supplies for which the Government intends to solicit and negotiate with only one (1) source under the authority of FAR 13.106-1(b) and 41 USC 1901, only one (1) will meet the Government s needs. Only one (1) source is capable of responding due to the unique or specialized nature of the supplies and/or services. Interested persons may identify their interest and capability to respond to the requirement. The applicable 2022 NAICS Code is 518210 and the 2022 Size Standard is $35.0. 1. SCHEDULE OF PROPOSED CLIN. *****all line-items are considered Brand Name or provide your Equal substitute for the purpose of market research.****** ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION OF SUPPLIES/SERVICES QUANTITY UNIT UNIT PRICE AMOUNT 0001 12.00 EA __________________ __________________ Web hosting Wellness365 Location: Palo Alto Division (PAD) 0002 12.00 EA __________________ __________________ Web Hosting Wellness365 Location: Menlo Park Division (MPD) 0003 12.00 EA __________________ __________________ Web Hosting Wellness365 Location: Livermore Division (LVD) 0004 12.00 EA __________________ __________________ Web Hosting Wellness365 Location: Monterey Gourley Clinic (MONT) 0005 12.00 EA __________________ __________________ Web Hosting Wellness365 Location: San Jose Clinic (SJC) 0006 12.00 EA __________________ __________________ Web Hosting Wellness365 Location: Fremont Clinic (RFC) 0007 12.00 EA __________________ __________________ Web Hosting Wellness365 Location: Mountain View HR (MTV HR) 0008 12.00 EA __________________ __________________ Support (includes website hosting, Database, and backups) GRAND TOTAL __________________ Salient Characteristics General: Please reference the parts list and salient characteristics related for each line-item below. The salient characteristics are essential, significant, and functional to this requirement. Brand Name Item: What is the brand name of the equipment? website designed by Bitscopic Essential/significant physical, functional, or performance characteristics. Dimensions Annual License Fee Weight Annual License Fee Industry Standard Annual License Fee Purpose Annual License Fee Governing Body or Organization Bitscopic Inc. Complete generic identification Describe the equipment without using trademark names or proprietary information, Include color, type of material (if applicable), special characteristics, voltage, etc. This is a license fee to maintain the website designed by Bitscopic. Here are the features required in this website: Registration/sign-up and login feature Instructors ability to input and edit only their own classes for an entire 3-month period with the ability to look at all classes in a time frame and select which classes to delete among the dates. Method to notify users of class cancellations, changes, upcoming classes, etc. (e-mail, push notification on mobile- text?) Webpage with mobile-friendly capabilities. A log of all registered users + their information. Class categorization by site/room and building location/instructor/class category. Ability for users to view the classes that they've booked into. Help desk. Instructor has ability to see names and how many users are booked into class. Class participants can book into weekly classes ongoing. Dashboard for admin to see class attendance. Mobile check-in for each class, ability for participant and instructor. Area to announce new classes/feature offerings. A way to email users by category, to pick which users to email by class sign-up, location, or class type (i.e., fitness, yoga). Ability for registered users to change their notification preferences. One login for everything. Should not have to sign-in to multiple instances for different locations. No subscriptions/memberships. Ability for instructors to check-in for students. Ability for users to delete/un-book from My Classes. Admin - ability for administrator to add sites and room numbers based on site. Admin ability to delete users. Support for V-Tel classes. Applicable model/make/catalog number Annual License Fee Manufacturer name Bitscopic 2. DELIVERY OF ITEMS The address is with FOB Destination shipping: VA Palo Alto Healthcare System 3801 Miranda Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94304 This notice of intent is not a request for competitive quotes and no solicitation will be made available. Any responses received will only be considered for the purposes of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement in lieu of sole source contract described in this notice, and such determination shall be made at the sole discretion of the Government. Supporting evidence must be furnished in sufficient detail to demonstrate the ability to comply with the requirement. If no responses are received, the government will proceed with the Sole Source acquisition. Your response should include a STATEMENT OF CAPABLILITY, GSA SCHEDULE INFORMATION, DUNS#, BUSINESS SIZE, AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS. The Government will not pay for information submitted. All quotations/responses should be emailed to Dennis Salmonsen at by 10:00 A.M. PST. 03/27/2023. No telephone requests will be accepted.


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March 18, 2023, 11:57 a.m. EST
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Sole Source
On 3/18/23 VISN 21: Sierra Pacific Network issued Special Notice 36C26123Q0409 for Notice of Intent to Sole Source | Bitscopic.
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