WR915508 Upgrade Hickam Village Circuit, Hickam

Type: Forecast


Replace circuit from pole F1 thru F12 with underground circuit. Install 4 way switch to split Hickam Village area and tie to Ohana Nui. Install riser on pole E 3 and install underground crt to SS6526 to provide back feed from Earhart Crt. Replace existing switches SS6526, SS1491, SS1593 with 4 way (2 Line, 2 Load). Install underground circuits from TP6520 to SS1602; TP1490 to SS 1498; and SS1592 to SS1593. Replace existing radial transformers TP1490, TP1494, TP1496, TP1498, TP1592, TP1595, TP1600, TP1602, TP1646, TP1647, TP1649, TP1650, TP1652 with loop feed transformers. Install conductors for looped circuits. Remove existing in ground G&W SF6 switches.
Est. Value
Min: $1,000,000
Max: $7,000,000
Est. Award Date
QTR 3 2025 Future Opp
Set Aside
Not Available
Forecast Type
NAVFAC Hawaii is forecasted to issue a new procurement for WR915508 Upgrade Hickam Village Circuit, Hickam around QTR 3 2025 worth up to $7,000,000.


Source Level 1 Agency
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Source Level 2 Agency


Point of Contact
Fujimoto, Kimberlee L   Profile
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Date Published
Source Est. Solicitation Date
QTR 3 2025
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