WEAPNS‐823 Repair raw water leak BDM TIER 3 SIGO

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24 Feb 2022 WIB decision: PW H84 JOC execution Project Manager: Simon Mkr. TIER 3 1. CURRENT CONDITION: Underground leak on the 8 old cast iron water main from raw water storage tank WEAPNS 823 feeding the storage tank AIRFLD 612 at WTP has two significant losses of water (1). Storage capacity of the WTP capacity is 50% reduced The leaks are located along the north perimeter fence between buildings 623 and 545B; see picture on page 2. 2. REQUIREMENT: 2.1 Provide labor, materials and equipment to perform partial demolition of the existing concrete surfaces and asphalt road. Dig the areas in the indicated locations to completely expose the underground 200mm (8 ) water main. Perform the required repair work by replacing the portion of damaged pipe. Restore the existing surfaces to match existing conditions. The Contractor is required also to restore existing underground utilities such as electrical cables, pipes that could be disconnected or damaged during the performance of the work. 3. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Provide required actions (labor, equipment, material, transportations, excavations, site restorations, etc.) to repair water leak affecting the polyethylene underground water pipeline. This task includes, but is not limited to, the following actions: Demolition of the concrete slab and road curbs including portion of road asphalt paving Digging work to expose the pipe. The excavation shall be of a size to allow sufficient space in order to allow sufficient safe space for the repair /replacement operations. The depth of the pipe is estimated to be 2.00mt below ground level. Provide the equipment to pump the water out from the excavated areas. Expose the existing pipes, located the leak cut the sections of pipe where the leaks are locat ... NOTE: description has been truncated, please see Project Note for full description.
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QTR 4 2023 Future Opp
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JOC and RFP ‐ LP
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NAVFAC Europe Africa Central is forecasted to issue a new procurement for WEAPNS‐823 Repair raw water leak BDM TIER 3 SIGO around QTR 4 2023 worth up to $700,000.


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Naval Facilities Engineering Command
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QTR 4 2022
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JOC and RFP ‐ LP