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Risk MAP Cost Estimating Services

Type: Forecast • Source ID: F2023063988


FEMA will be ordering off of the Specialized Cost Services II (SCS II) multiple-award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). The Department of Homeland Security established the Specialized Cost Services II (SCS II) multiple-award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to provide DHS Components with cost estimation services to create and support Life Cycle Cost Estimates (LCCE) for all major acquisition programs. FEMA Description: Government's objectives for cost analysis support services for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The DHS Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), Cost Analysis Division (CAD), is responsible for cost analysis oversight for major acquisition programs in the entire DHS portfolio. The DHS Components are responsible for developing their cost estimates at the program level and overseeing the cost estimates for both non-major and delegated major acquisition programs. The purpose of this Specialized Cost Services (SCS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) order is to provide FEMA with cost estimation services to decrease the time it takes to develop life cycle cost estimates (LCCE) and ultimately improve the cost estimating capability for FEMA. Reliable flood hazard data is the foundation of credible flood risk assessments, and these assessments serve a critical role as communities engage in the mitigation planning process. Federal statutes require that FEMA identify and map the Nation s flood-prone areas and to establish flood-risk zones in these areas. Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning (Risk MAP) Information Technology (IT) and Non-IT Acquisition Programs were established to not only map flood-prone areas around the nation, but to also provide communities with consistent risk-based approach to assessing potential vulnerability and losses. By analyzing and depicting flood risk, communities and the American public can better understand that risk and make informed decisions to reduce vulnerability. Risk MAP IT and Non-IT Programs establish an integrated flood risk management approach that leverages and enhances the previously developed data from the Flood Map Modernization Program. Risk MAP provides an integrated web-accessible national assessment of flooding risks based on quality flood hazard data. This information enables communities to develop mitigation plans and make informed risk management decisions. Further, FEMA collaborates with local, State, regional, tribal, national, and other Federal partners in communicating these objectives and implementing Risk MAP. Because FEMA s efforts extend throughout the nation, implementing Risk MAP helps maintain the engineering capability in the State and private sectors sustaining jobs and stimulating the economy. The Risk MAP IT and Non-IT Programs are both Post-Acquisition Decision Event (ADE) 3 Sustainment within the Acquisition Lifecycle Framework. The Risk MAP non-IT Program is a FEMA Level 1 Acquisition Program, while the Risk MAP IT Program is presently a Level 3 Acquisition Program but is transitioning to Level 2.
Est. Value
Min: $250,000
Max: $500,000
Est. Award Date
6/3/2024 Future Opp
Source Est. Solicitation Date
Set Aside
Procurement Method
BPA (FAR Part 8 or 13)
Forecast Type
Follow-On To Existing Contract
Place of Performance
Washington, DC USA
Federal Emergency Management Agency is forecasted to issue a recompete procurement for Risk MAP Cost Estimating Services around 6/3/2024 worth up to $500,000.


Source Level 1 Agency
Department of Homeland Security
Source Level 2 Agency


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Point of Contact
Matthew Lucas   Profile
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Point of Contact Phone
(202) 702-4458

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