Repair Waterfront Facilities, B213, B208, & B174 Manchester

Type: Forecast


FY20 CAT2 Labor FIP: N25PTW9RTUZF11RGWP52 FY20 AM Labor FIP PSC: Z2NA M3B Deliverable: Develop an AE DBB project to repair/replace fuel components, for facilities B213, B208 & B174 at Manchester. 1. Prepare a full design for a construction project to address identified repairs to the fuel pier, based on 2018 EXWC report titled "Waterfront Facilities Inspections and Assessments at Manchester Fuel Depot WA." B213 (1) Clean and recoat 150 square feet of steel pipe encasements above water; (2) repair 50 square feet concrete spalling on the outboard mooring dolphin pile caps. (3) Clean and recoat 1200 square feet steel catwalk beams. (4) Clean and recoat 1350 square feet Skimmer Launch Facility beams and stringers. (5) Repair 200 square feet concrete above deck spalling. (6) Provide design load posting sign for fuel pier. (7) Replace deteriorated pier and trestle expansion joints. (8) Clean and recoat inboard mooring dolphin single bitt bollards. (9) Clean and recoat mooring cleats with moderate coating loss and corrosion. (10) Replace 2 steel safety ladders with advanced deterioration. (11) Replace telecommunication line box cover. (12) Replace 22 broken or missing grounding rods. (13) Replace 2 broken heat trace boxes. 2. Perform a structural analysis to assess the mooring/berthing loads and lateral capacity of the pier including design of recommended modifications. The report identified recommended repairs associated with the pier fendering system. If new analysis and design for ship mooring does not require replacement of these items, include the following repairs in the design: a. Clean and recoat 8000 square feet steel fender H piles above water. b. Replace 225 feet of fender panel restraint chains. c. Replace 18 fender panel horizontal rubstrips. d. Replace 18 foam filled fenders. e. Replace ... NOTE: description has been truncated, please see Project Note for full description.
Est. Value
Min: $7,000,000
Max: $93,000,000
Est. Award Date
QTR 2 2024 Future Opp
Set Aside
Not Available
Forecast Type
NAVFAC Northwest is forecasted to issue a new procurement for Repair Waterfront Facilities, B213, B208, & B174 Manchester around QTR 2 2024 worth up to $93,000,000.


Source Level 1 Agency
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Source Level 2 Agency


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Hansen, Kristen M   Profile
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QTR 2 2024
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