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PUSH TO SWIB FOR ENGINEERING SCOPE AND FUNDABLE ESTIMATE TO REPLACE THE ROOF ON BLDG V-53. $$PWO FUNDED$$ POC'S ARE THE FMS ALAN WOOD AND APWO LCDR DANCEL Recent renovation to interior are being compromised by water intrusion from several locations. Provide the following Architectural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering design services: 1. Perform field investigations and document existing building conditions. 2. Prepare design development documents and construction cost estimate for review and approval. 3. Prepare final design documents and construction cost estimate for contract execution through FEAD Norfolk. The design should include a Pre-final and a Final submittal. Prepare construction documents for the replacement of a ballasted built-up bitumen roof system on building V-53 with a modified bitumen roof system. The roof replacement includes three (2) separate roof levels, comprised of a main lower level and several(xx) penthouse and elevator shaft roof areas. The lower roof level contains approximately xx,xxx square feet of roof area. The upper roof area contains approximately xx,xxx square feet of roof. The total roof area included in this roof replacement is approximately 62,000 square feet. The work shall include the following: Demolition: 1. Test membranes, flashing, and sealants for hazardous material (lead and asbestos) content. 2. Remove existing multiple-ply built-up membrane roofing system including gravel ballast, rigid and tapered insulation, flashing, base-flashing, counter-flashing, expansion joints, bitumen pitch pockets, metal coping, gutters, downspouts, and gravel stops to expose the existing metal roof decking below. 3. Temporarily remove existing rooftop mechanical and communication equipment as r ... NOTE: description has been truncated, please see Project Note for full description.
Est. Value
Min: $2,000,000
Max: $7,500,000
Est. Award Date
Q4 2025
Source Est. Solicitation Date
Q4 2024
Set Aside
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Naval Facilities Engineering Command is forecasted to issue a new procurement for NSN V-53 REPLACE ROOF around Q4 2025 worth up to $7,500,000.


Source Level 1 Agency
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Source Level 2 Agency
NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic
Source Level 3 Agency


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