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Assess the existing Manana Booster Pump Station to identify options for replacement and/or upgrade, and provide recommendations including cost estimates. Scope of work for design and construction will include the following or as modified based on the assessment: New 1500 GPM booster pumps with easily accessible parts New 1500 GPM Fire pump with easily accessible parts New ductile iron piping and fittings New gate valves New pressure reducing valves New electrical equipment if needed New pump station facility if needed The existing Manana Booster Pump station was originally constructed in 1968 and is responsible for boosting pressure to the Manana Housing area. Manana housing is currently fed via a 12IN transmission line that is connected to the 42IN Waiawa Waterline. The booster pumps are needed to ensure adequate pressure for normal consumption as well as fire protection. Due to the age of the existing booster pumps, there has been a difficulty in obtaining replacement pump parts thus at times limiting operations to one booster pump (1500 GPM). Manana's average daily consumption is approximately 180,000 GPD. The Board of Water Supply has an existing 8IN interconnection line that serves as a backup water source. However, plans to remove this interconnection has been discussed and this scenario will need to be considered in the design and construction phasing. The AE designer will need to consider a phasing plan that does not include shutting down the existing pump station. Project preference is for AE design and design bid build process. Project will require a charette to confirm the design scope; planning and EV documents; and generation of design documents (i.e. basis of design, cost estimate, construction plans, specifications, etc.)
Est. Value
Min: $1,000,000
Max: $7,000,000
Est. Award Date
QTR 1 2024 Future Opp
Set Aside
Not Available
Forecast Type
NAVFAC Hawaii is forecasted to issue a new procurement for FUNCTIONAL ‐ UM ‐ 817, REPLACE MANANA HOUSING BOOSTER PUMP STATION around QTR 1 2024 worth up to $7,000,000.


Source Level 1 Agency
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
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QTR 1 2024
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