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DLA-POL Demolish 5 UST and Install 5 AST South Fuel Farm AST's, PMRF

Type: Forecast


The Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) currently has nine (9) each USTs containing approximately 50,000 gallons each for bulk fuel storage. Future design and planning for the facility will require a transition from underground to aboveground fuel storage facilities. A current project is underway to remove (5) each USTs on the south side of the fuel farm, and the facility will be supported by the remaining (4) each USTs on the north side. This should clear up space for planned installation of new ASTs on the south side to support mission requirements. Underground Storage Tanks are becoming more and more scrutinized due to the high-risk potential for leaks and spills into the environment. Despite operations, inspections, and repairs in accordance with industry standards, regulatory agencies are pushing for all UST systems to be brought aboveground by 2038. Failure to comply with their requirements will only lead to violations fines and possible shutdown of the facility. Installation of ASTs will allow PMRF to meet mission fueling requirements while complying with storage tank environmental regulations. Contractor to determine best method to install new aboveground tank system that meets operational requirements in accordance with applicable County,State, and Federal guidelines. Work to potentially include sizing of new system, installation, secondary containment, weather protection, and commissioning of new system as required. Contractor to coordinate with local government POC to provide notifications and documentation as required to DOH. All federal, state, local, Navy, and Marine Corps codes and regulations shall be followed and considered to the extent applicable. UFC 1-200-01, General Building Requirements UFC 3-301-01, Structural Engineering UFC 3-460-01, Design: Petroleum Fuel Facilities UFC 3-460-03, Operation and Maintenance of Petroleum Systems. Hawaii Administrative Rules, HAR.
Est. Value
Min: $2,000,000
Max: $7,500,000
Est. Award Date
Q2 2025
Source Est. Solicitation Date
Q2 2025
Set Aside
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NAVFAC Hawaii is forecasted to issue a new procurement for DLA-POL Demolish 5 UST and Install 5 AST South Fuel Farm AST's, PMRF around Q2 2025 worth up to $7,500,000.


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Naval Facilities Engineering Command
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