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DLA-POL BLDG 1037H Replace 4 USTs with 2 AST, JBPHH

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Justification: Project is required to meet regulatory requirements, 40 CFR 280 and State of Hawaii Administrative Rules 11-280.1 for secondary containment. Additional justification: Currently there are four (4) 10,000 gallon underground storage tanks located at Hickam vehicle gas station. Two of the tanks are designated for gasoline (GUR) and two for diesel (DS2). 1. IAW USINDOPACOM Inventory Management Plan, (IMP), NAVFAC PWD exceeds tank storage capacity for diesel (DS2) by 30,702 gallons, and gasoline (GUR) by 29,862 gallons. 2. Due to lower throughput, product tends to sit in the tanks at 1037H for longer periods, falling out of specification and not issuable to customers. Gasoline sat in tank 1 and it's suspected that the ethanol ate through the internal fiberglass liner, resulting in the tank being placed permanently out-of-service. 3. NAVFAC PWD has only one capitalized 10k AST for E85 (Flex Fuel) located at Paul Hamilton. The increased demand warrants installing a new CONVAULT at 1037H for E85. Basic SOW: This basic SOW should not be taken as final scoping. Field work, and applying applicable UFC's, UFGS's as well as other DoD, MIL-STD guidance should be used when finalizing the design. The main objective of this project is to demolish the existing UST's and underground piping, and replace with 2 CONVAULT double wall AST's. One tank should ... NOTE: description has been truncated, please see Project Note for full description.
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Q4 2024
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Q4 2024
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NAVFAC Hawaii is forecasted to issue a new procurement for DLA-POL BLDG 1037H Replace 4 USTs with 2 AST, JBPHH around Q4 2024 worth up to $2,000,000.


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Naval Facilities Engineering Command
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