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(22055102) Delta Pier Voltage Regulator Replacement, B7035 Bangor

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DBB-IH The existing Delta Pier voltage regulator has failed multiple times and is under-sized, resulting in significant risk to mission capabilities. Rebuilding the existing regulator does not solve the sizing problem. Perform complex short-circuit, load-flow, and transient stability engineering analysis and design to determine the quantity, ratings, location, and settings of regulators required to provide regulated voltage to the shore and industrial power loads on Delta Pier. Analysis and design shall include normal and emergency power scenarios and scenarios where the Delta North and South feeders at B7035 are looped (both breakers closed) and radial (one breaker open). Design shall include seismic requirements for the anchorage of the voltage regulators. Design shall include the demolition of existing regulator, protection, equipment pads, and conductors. Design shall regulate voltages within the limits required for submarine shore power as specified in the latest edition of UFC 4-150-02. Perform field investigation and gathering of metering data to perform the analysis. Install temporary demand meters where existing facilities are not metered and where existing meters are not functional. Design shall provide microprocessor-based relays for thermal, overcurrent, and differential protection of the regulators. Protection shall coordinate with existing equipment connected to the line and load side of the regulators. Design shall include modifications to existing equipment. Design shall provide for pad-mounted, metal-enclosed voltage regulators of dead-front construction. Design shall provide dead-front bypass switches for regulator maintenance. Controls shall be located in stainless steel enclosure accessible to personnel without opening the high-voltage termination compartment. D ... NOTE: description has been truncated, please see Project Note for full description.
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Q2 2025
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Q2 2025
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NAVFAC Northwest is forecasted to issue a new procurement for (22055102) Delta Pier Voltage Regulator Replacement, B7035 Bangor around Q2 2025 worth up to $2,000,000.


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Naval Facilities Engineering Command
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NAVFAC Northwest
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