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Theater Battle Management (TBM) C4I

Category: RDT&E • Line Item: 0207438F • FY24 Budget Request: $6.5M


Budget Account
3600F - Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Air Force
Budget Activity
7 - Operational system development
Theater Battle Management (TBM) C4I under the Air Force's Research, Development, Test & Evaluation budget activity, aims to fund joint partner requirements of the Air Operations Center (AOC) Weapon System Modification effort. The program focuses on Applications Development to deliver capabilities identified in the Joint Command and Control (JC2) Capability Development Document (CDD) and supports worldwide operational capabilities for Air Force Command and Control (C2) in collaboration with DoD, Coalition Partners, and other government agencies. Specifically, in FY24, the program will concentrate on providing necessary software capabilities to build, disseminate, and execute the Master Air Attack Plan (MAAP), as well as delivering an Airspace Management tool used for building airspaces and generating the Airspace Control Order (ACO). These efforts aim to provide modern software for inclusion in the AOC Weapon System Modifications to replace existing components.

The program's objectives include employing agile software development methodologies to engineer, integrate, and test modern C2 software capabilities leveraging test-driven development. It also aims to provide engineering solutions, test, and deliver effective operational C2 capabilities utilizing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes. The program's planned programs for FY23 and FY24 include continuing the delivery of software to AOC Weapon System Modifications to incrementally replace components of TBMCS FL. The funding increase for FY24 is attributed to requirements for agile software development. The acquisition strategy focuses on agile development and modification of existing capabilities using evolutionary acquisition to standardize and modernize C2 Applications Development under the authority of a Software Acquisition Pathway. Program management is under the direction of PEO Digital at Hanscom AFB, MA, with contracting authority provided by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) also located at Hanscom AFB, MA.
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FY2024 Budget Released: 03/09/23