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Modification Of In-Svc Equipment (OPA-3)

Category: Procurement • Line Item: 1110MA4500 • FY24 Budget Request: $35.2M


Budget Account
2035A - Other Procurement, Army
Budget Activity
3 - Other support equipment
The Modification Of In-Svc Equipment (OPA-3) under the Army's Other Procurement, Army budget activity, aims to fund the modification and modernization initiatives across various equipment portfolios. This includes the Metal Working and Machining Shop Set (MWMSS), Armament Repair Shop Set (ARSS), Fire Suppression Refill System (FSRS), Refrigeration Tool Kit (RTK), Forward Repair System (FRS), Shop Equipment Welding (SEW), Hydraulic System Test and Repair Unit (HSTRU), Material Handling Equipment (MHE) such as Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH) and All-Terrain Lifter, Army System (ATLAS), Construction Equipment (CE) including High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE) and Engineer Rapid Airfield Construction Capability (ERACC), and Army Watercraft Systems. The objectives include enhancing combat readiness by providing maintenance, repair, and modernization capabilities for critical equipment, reducing sustainment costs, improving force mobility, maneuverability, deployability, sustainability, and infrastructure protection.

Furthermore, the program aims to support the National Defense Strategy by providing organic waterborne lift capability for maneuver platforms and equipment, mitigating anti-access/area denial threats in austere environments, enhancing seaworthiness, safety, survivability, tactical mobility, operational capability of the Army Mariner. The program also addresses critical life support & safety systems for Soldiers such as the Firefighter Individual Requirements Set (FIRES) and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Additionally, it supports environmental responsibility by reducing logistical burdens through energy-efficient modifications to shelters and providing environmentally responsible solutions for waste disposal. The program also focuses on improving soldier safety through modernized equipment such as the AN/PSS-14C for enhanced detection of buried landmines and IEDs. These objectives collectively contribute to maintaining operational readiness rates and enhancing the lethality of soldiers while addressing critical equipment deficiencies.

In summary, Program 1110MA4500 plays a crucial role in ensuring the readiness and effectiveness of Army equipment across various portfolios by funding modification and modernization initiatives that directly support combat readiness, force mobility, infrastructure protection, soldier safety, environmental responsibility, and operational capability in line with the National Defense Strategy.
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FY2024 Budget Released: 03/09/23