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Medium Tactical Vehicle

Category: Procurement • Line Item: 822230 • FY24 Budget Request: $4.0M


Budget Account
3080F - Other Procurement, Air Force
Budget Activity
2 - Vehicular equipment
Medium Tactical Vehicle aims to procure a range of military specification vehicles, including Cargo Trucks, Wreckers, Dump Trucks, Tractors, Mobilizers, and Medium Tactical Trailers, to provide the Air Force with the capability to operate in austere and adverse terrain. These vehicles are essential for line haul, mobility, resupply, maintenance, recovery, construction, and civil engineering support. Additionally, they can be ordered with armor and winch systems. The procurement quantities are based on current requirements provided by the 441 Vehicle Support Chain Operations Squadron (VSCOS) in accordance with the process outlined in AFI 24-302, Vehicle Management. The model calculates vehicle requirements by fund year by BPAC using end of life projections based on depreciation and service life of the vehicle, cumulative sustainment cost, and mission priority.

Program 822230 - Medium Tactical Vehicle also includes the procurement of specific combat vehicles such as the M1297 Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) 1.1 and Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV). The GMV is designed to fill a ground mobility capability gap identified by SOCOM and is primarily used by Air Force Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) and Special Operations forces. On the other hand, the ISV provides mobility for a 9-person squad with associated equipment to move around the close battle area and is primarily used by Special Operations Forces, Tactical Air Control Party, and Security Forces. These vehicles are transportable by all means including vertical lift and Low Velocity Air Drop (LVAD), providing increased speed, extended reach, burden reduction, carrying enablers, battery charging, mission command enhancement, and offering new maneuver options for commanders. This procurement supports performance of a full financial audit as required by title 10 U.S.C. Chapter 9A and is necessary for use by the active and reserve components of the Armed Forces for homeland defense missions, domestic emergency responses, and providing military support to civil authorities.
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FY2024 Budget Released: 03/09/23