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LPD Class Support Equipment

Category: Procurement • Line Item: 946 • FY24 Budget Request: $91.9M


Budget Account
1810N - Other Procurement, Navy
Budget Activity
1 - Ships support equipment
LPD Class Support Equipment aims to provide funding for the in-service LPD 17 class program support equipment. This includes upgrading mission-critical electronics and Hull Mechanical & Engineering (HM&E) systems, such as the Engineering Control Systems (ECS), Ship Control Systems (SCS), Degaussing Systems, Shipboard Wide-Area Network (SWAN), and commercial software products for ECS, SCS, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and Administrative Communications. Additionally, the budget supports Schoolhouse Technical Training Equipment (TTE) infrastructure and equipment setup for training sailors in operation and maintenance of critical systems. It also includes funding for shore-based spares to support operational ships in case of catastrophic failure and conjunctive HM&E alterations to address design integration, equipment procurement, recurring equipment engineering, equipment integration, and Integrated Logistics Services (ILS).

Furthermore, the budget addresses hardware and software obsolescence issues by supporting hardware and software changes to various systems such as Command Information Display System (CIDS), Engineering Control Systems (ECS), Ship Control Systems (SCS), Fire Detection System Upgrade Phase 1, Wire-free Portable Communication System (WPCS), Integrated Voice Communication System (IVCS), Damage Control Action Management System (DCAMS), among others. It also provides funding for HM&E electrical modifications to resolve maintenance-intensive system concerns on electrical systems. The LPD 17 Class Mid-life Modernization aims to conduct mid-life modernization on LPD 17 Class Ships to ensure they are ready, relevant, and capable of reaching their expected service life. Additionally, the budget supports SWAN-CANES Integration to field a new HM&E Network in support of CANES installation while sustaining the legacy SWAN. This is essential to combat evolving cyber threats and maintain Information Assurance posture.

In summary, Program 0946's objectives include ensuring the readiness and capability of LPD 17 Class Ships through upgrades to critical electronics and HM&E systems. It also aims to provide training infrastructure for sailors and shore-based spares for operational ships. Additionally, the budget addresses hardware and software obsolescence issues across various systems while supporting mid-life modernization efforts and SWAN-CANES Integration for enhanced cyber threat combat capabilities.
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FY2024 Budget Released: 03/09/23