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Joint Military Deception Initiative

Category: RDT&E • Line Item: 0303260F • FY24 Budget Request: $4.7M


Budget Account
3600F - Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Air Force
Budget Activity
7 - Operational system development
The Joint Military Deception Initiative falls under Budget Activity 7, Operational Systems Development, and is part of the Air Force's Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) budget. The program aims to enhance the military's capabilities in deception and strategic maneuvering. Specific details regarding the initiative remain classified and are only accessible on a need-to-know basis. The program's objectives include developing advanced technologies and strategies to improve the military's ability to deceive adversaries and achieve tactical advantages.

The program also includes Project 674550, focused on Air Base Resiliency. This project involves product development efforts to enhance the resilience of air bases, ensuring their operational effectiveness in challenging environments. Detailed information about specific plans and accomplishments for Air Base Resiliency remains classified and will be provided as necessary. The program aims to strengthen the infrastructure and operational readiness of air bases through innovative solutions and strategic investments.

Overall, the Joint Military Deception Initiative and its associated projects are designed to advance the Air Force's capabilities in strategic deception and air base resiliency, contributing to national defense objectives while addressing evolving threats and challenges in modern warfare.
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FY2024 Budget Released: 03/09/23