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Integ Combat System Test Facility

Category: Procurement • Line Item: 2960 • FY24 Budget Request: $6.3M


Budget Account
1810N - Other Procurement, Navy
Budget Activity
2 - Communications and electronics equipment
The Integrated Combat System Test Facility is a Navy initiative aimed at supporting various Navy Land Based Test Sites (LBTS) to facilitate integration and interoperability testing. The program's specific goals include fully testing and certifying computer programs for maturity, Interoperability and Integration (I&I) prior to delivery to the Fleet. This involves developing a unified modernization process and certifying all combat system baselines for integration and interoperability as an integral step in the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Optimized Fleet Response Plan (O-FRP). The program also aims to provide combat system in-service support to respond to emergent fleet problems, reduce the cost of corrective action, and shift the burden of problem discovery away from the operator at sea.

The program's objectives include expanding various facilities' capability to support Interoperability Integration and Stressful Endurance testing. This involves procuring and installing upgrades and modernization of operational sites and mobile trailers across the AORs to support the Shipboard Electronic Systems Evaluation Facility (SESEF). Additionally, the program focuses on procuring hardware that provides the Distributed Integration & Interoperability Assessment Capability (DIIAC) Operations Center with the ability to support monitoring and execution of events providing data collection and distribution. The funding is also allocated for site upgrades to meet current standards, allow scalability for DIIAC requirements, maintain efficiency, and enable product improvement to interface with other Joint communities using Joint Mission Environment Test Community (JMETC) network.
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FY2024 Budget Released: 03/09/23