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Hypersonics Prototyping

Category: RDT&E • Line Item: 0604033F • FY24 Budget Request: $150.3M


Budget Account
3600F - Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Air Force
Budget Activity
4 - Advanced component development and prototypes
Hypersonics Prototyping under the Air Force's Research, Development, Test & Evaluation budget activity, aims to integrate and demonstrate emerging hypersonic technologies in an operational or operational-like environment. This program enables the Air Force to capitalize on successful laboratory hypersonic research and development efforts with high warfighter priority. Specifically, it focuses on accelerating the technology transfer of hypersonic technologies to enable a responsive, long-range strike capability. The program also incubates and matures new technologies, processes, and resources for the development and demonstration of hypersonic technology, including infrastructure advancements, digital engineering, open systems architecture, modeling and simulation, analytics, and high-performance computing environments.

Under this program element, the Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) project is a key component that integrates Air Force and DARPA-enabled system technologies into a prototype to demonstrate the viability of this concept as a long-range prompt strike capability. The ARRW project is designed to inform decisions concerning ARRW acquisition and production while completing flight testing and rapid prototyping programs. Additionally, the program aims to collect valuable data, build capacity and capability, allow hypersonic programs to leverage and build upon each other, and project overall technology forward. The total cost of the ARRW Rapid Prototyping Middle Tier of Acquisition effort is 1,649.19 million dollars.

The Hypersonics Prototyping program also includes necessary civilian pay expenses required to manage, execute, and deliver weapon system capability. The use of such program funds would be in addition to the civilian pay expenses budgeted in specific program elements. The acquisition strategy for this program involves an undefinitized contract awarded in August 2018 to complete a critical design review and procure all long lead parts and materials. The government agency responsible for managing this program is the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Armament Directorate at Eglin AFB in Florida.
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FY2024 Budget Released: 03/09/23