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Battle Control System - Fixed

Category: Procurement • Line Item: 833030 • FY24 Budget Request: $1.9M


Budget Account
3080F - Other Procurement, Air Force
Budget Activity
3 - Electronics and telecommunications equipment
The Battle Control System - Fixed is a bi-national program with Canada that supports the North American Aerospace Defense Command/ Northern Command (NORAD/NORTHCOM) homeland defense and air sovereignty mission for fixed Air Defense Sectors. The program aims to provide tactical communications and data link capabilities with other military and civil systems responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and controlling forces for air surveillance, air defense, and control of sovereign US airspace. Additionally, the program includes the National Capital Region - Integrated Air Defense System (NCR-IADS), which provides ground-based air defense of the NCR airspace by delivering an integrated air picture, air defense weapons, enhanced regional situational awareness, and forensic data collection capabilities. The funding request also includes Battle Control System Modernization to support capital equipment replacement activities at the fixed Air Defense Sectors, including infrastructure upgrades and future Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS). The goal is to prevent system obsolescence, account for new cyber security requirements, and seamlessly integrate future capabilities.

The specific objectives of Program 833030 are to enhance the capability to conduct peacetime air sovereignty operations and transition to active air defense operations in the event of aggression. This includes preventing system obsolescence through life cycle replacement, accounting for new cyber security requirements, and seamlessly integrating future capabilities. The program also aims to support hardware upgrades to seamlessly integrate new and emerging sensors, data, and technologies while addressing mission-critical components Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) issues. Additionally, the funding request supports potential Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) and obsolescence solutions to optimize life of type buys or bridge buys limited to the program of record quantity. Overall, the objectives focus on maintaining readiness and modernizing equipment to ensure effective air defense operations in both peacetime and during potential aggression.
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FY2024 Budget Released: 03/09/23