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Architect & Cap for Autonomy in Nav Enter (AR

Category: Procurement • Line Item: 4604 • FY24 Budget Request: $1.6M


Budget Account
1810N - Other Procurement, Navy
Budget Activity
3 - Aviation support equipment
ARCANE under the Navy's Other Procurement budget activity, aims to procure and sustain elements of the ARCANE software enterprise architecture for autonomy in the Naval Enterprise. This includes acquiring software licenses, host hardware, and data center services. The program is an extension of the Common Control System (CCS) line of effort, focusing on autonomy and capabilities aligned with the National Defense Strategy. It aims to provide autonomous capability solutions for manned and unmanned Naval Aviation systems to enable interoperability between unmanned and autonomous platforms, reduce cognitive decision-making workload, and maximize warfighting impact in future great power competition. The program will operate under the DoD Adaptive Acquisition Framework Software Acquisition Pathway to be more responsive to autonomy needs and allow for more efficient delivery of incremental capability.

The specific objectives of Program ARCANE include initiating production, procurement, and delivery of ARCANE software to the Naval Aviation Enterprise. The funding will be utilized for the Phase 1 autonomy enterprise architecture portion of the program, including software production, enterprise architecture production, software/production engineering support, and integrated logistics support. This involves procuring necessary items for software production and installation, as well as establishing the autonomy enterprise architecture. Additionally, it includes producing software releases via an incremental development process to retain commonality and compatibility with supported platforms, correct deficiencies, and incrementally field new capabilities. The program will also conduct on-site logistics evaluations to verify installation configurations compliant with specified requirements and deliver technical documentation.
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FY2024 Budget Released: 03/09/23