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Category: Procurement • Line Item: 522 • FY24 Budget Request: $69.3M


Budget Account
1506N - Aircraft Procurement, Navy
Budget Activity
5 - Modification of aircraft
Adversary is a Navy initiative that focuses on funding modifications to the Adversary aircraft and mission systems. The program aims to support essential sorties for TOPGUN, Fleet Replacement Squadron, Carrier Strike Group, Carrier Air Wing, and Unit Deployment Plan. It specifically targets the F-5 Tiger IIs and F-16 Fighting Falcons, including upgrades to maintain common configuration with the USAF program. The Adversary Missions Systems will provide peer threat replication and support future integration of Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) capabilities.

The specific objectives of Program 0522 include funding modifications to the F-5 aircraft procured from the Swiss government in 2020 to bring them into the USN/USMC NATOPS configuration. Additionally, the program aims to extend the service life of the current Adversary F-16 fleet through airframe strengthening and upgrades required to maintain sufficient aircraft inventory. It also includes avionics and radar upgrades to maintain a common configuration with the USAF F-16 program. The program's initiatives address safety updates, avionic system upgrades for FAA compliance, and efforts that address safety, reliability, structural integrity, mission availability, maintainability, weapon system employment, obsolescence, and Diminishing Manufacturing Source (DMSMS) requirements.
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FY2024 Budget Released: 03/09/23