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April 20, 2012, 10:38 a.m.
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The Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Industry Day on April 12, 2012, in Washington, D.C., at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel. The purpose of the meeting was to provide industry an opportunity to engage DOE representatives on the Industry Cost-Shared SMR Licensing Technical Support program Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), DE-FOA-0000371. The meeting also provided an opportunity for DOE to inform industry on the SMR Program and its near and long-term vision for implementing the SMR Program. It was DOE’s goal to provide information to assist potential applicants so they can more effectively respond to the FOA requirements.

DOE representatives provided overviews of the Nuclear Energy Mission, SMR Licensing Technical Support and Advanced Research and Development (R&D) Programs, SMR Cost-Shared Industry Partnership FOA, and the FOA procurement process in the morning. The afternoon session was dedicated to responding to pre-submitted questions on the FOA and questions that were submitted during Industry Day. Approximately thirty questions were submitted and addressed by DOE representatives during the Industry Day Questions and Answers session. A comprehensive Question and Answer report is posted on the website along with this summary and the Industry Day presentation slides.

DOE believes that the goals of the Industry Day were accomplished in that potential applicants were given an opportunity to confirm their interest in the program and it provided an open forum for potential industry applicants to ask questions and receive responses to help them to comply with the FOA requirements. DOE now expects the interested applicants to submit letters of intent by April 20, 2012, to confirm that they will apply to the FOA.

Directions for submitting additional questions following Industry Day can be found in the FOA, Part VII (on page 35 of the Cost-Shared Industry Partnership Program for SMRs FOA) The requested FOA question cutoff date is May 11, 2012. It is DOE’s goal to post all submitted questions on the website prior to the May 21, 2012, FOA application due date.


The following DOE representatives provided presentations or were available to respond to questions asked during the afternoon Questions and Answers session.

Rebecca Smith-Kevern, Director, Office of Light Water Reactor Technologies

Tom Miller, Deputy Director, Office of Light Water Reactor Technologies

Timothy Beville, Project Manager, SMR Licensing Technical Support Program

Eliot Dye, Contracting Officer, Idaho Operations Office

Michael O’Hagan, General Counsel, Idaho Operations Office


Robert Allan, Allan Consulting

Michael Anness, Westinghouse Electric Company

Gary Barbour, Barbour and Associates

Russell Bell, Nuclear Energy Institute

William Bell, SCANA

Timothy Beville, Department of Energy

Willis Bixby, GEN4Energy

David Blee, U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council

Evaristo Bonano, Sandia National Laboratory

Brent Bredehoft, Tetra Tech

Mark Campagna, ABS Consulting

Chris Colbert, NuScale Power, LLC

James Colgary, Nuclear Energy Institute

Matthew Crozat, Department of Energy

Edward Davis, Pegasus Group, LLC

George Davis, Westinghouse Electric Company

Donald Denney, Duke Energy

Greg DeVogel, U.S. Department of Army

Camille deWalder, Booze Allen Hamilton

Eliot Dye, Department of Energy

Kathleen Etxegoien, Huntington Ingalls Industries

Charles Fisher, Northrop Grumman

William Freudenberg, General Dynamics

Theodore Garrish, CH2MHill

Jeff Giangiuli, Calibre Systems, Inc.

James Gilbert, Excel Services Corporation

Walter Gist, Newport News Shipbuilding

Wendi Goldsmith, Bioengineering Group

Stephanie Grant, Holtec International

John Goossen, Westinghouse Electric Company

Laura Harrington, White Sands Missile Range

Peter Hastings, Babcock & Wilsox/Generation mPower

Francis Helin, Babcock & Wilsox/Modular Nuclear Energy

Walter Howes, Verdigris Capital, LLC

Katherine Hutton, EngenuitySC

Daniel Ingersoll, NuScale Power, LLC

Julia Jones, Huntington Ingalls Industries

TJ Kim, Babcock & Wilcox

Amir Kouhestani, LakeChime PPRS, Inc.

Alison Krager, Department of Energy

Gary Lanthrum, NAC International

Alan Latti, Holtec International

Lionel Liebman, Lockheed Martin

Cynthia Lin, Department of Energy

Steven Loftus, Booze Allen Hamilton

Paul Lorenzini, NuScale Power, LLC

Thomas Malota, Allegheny Technologies

Michael McGough, NuScale Power, LLC

Craig McMullin, Savannah River National Laboratory

Amanda Mertens-Campbell, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy

Kyle Michel, Michel Law Firm

Stephen Michelsen, ERT, Inc.

Thomas Miller, Department of Energy

Robert Mills, Nuclear Energy Consultants, Inc.

William Mills, Nuclear Energy Consultants, Inc.

Cornelius Milmoe, Nuclear Infrastructure Council

Michael O’Hagan, Department of Energy

Mitaire Ojaruega, Department of Energy

Andrew Peterson, EBI/Verdigris Capital

Joseph Perkowski, Idaho National Laboratory

Wayne Richardson, Savannah River Laboratory

Robin Rickman, Westinghouse Electric Company

Peter Schaefer, Q-Power Corporation

Mark Schaub, Alstom Thermal Power

Frank Schwartz, Department of Energy

Stephen Sheetz, Savannah River Laboratory

Martha Shields, Department of Energy

Rebecca Smith-Kevern, Department of Energy

Jenifer Solomon, Huntington Ingalls Industries

Don Sticinski, Fluor

Robert Temple, Babcock & Wilcox Company

Jason Tokey, Department of Energy

Joshua Trembley, Exelon Generation Company

Tammy Way, Idaho National Laboratory

Daneil Weinacht, ARES Corporation

Joseph Williams, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission