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R5 Facilities Management Industry Day August 17, 2021Vendor QuestionsQuestionResponseGeneral QuestionsWill we be provided with a copy of this presentation?We will post to the ebuy and announcements with this Q&A document.Multiple Award Schedule (FAS) Specific QuestionsDoes a contractor need a GSA Schedule to obtain a GSA Contract? [Are there opportunities for a firm with socioeconomic status of] HUBZone, 8a, WOSB, EDWOSB?A contractor does not necessarily need to have a GSA Schedule contract to do business with GSA. Contractors need a GSA Schedule contract if the customer is using the Schedules Program to fulfill a requirement. More information can be found at the following website: agencies have the discretion to set-aside orders and Blanket Purchase agreements for small businesses, or specific socioeconomic categories. See FAR 8.405-5 for additional information.Can a contractor leverage performance on Federal contracts as subcontractors in lieu of CPARS?The Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) solicitation provides for alternatives that may be utilized for past performance as part of the offer document. Please view the solicitation documents at the following link for additional information and requirements: Blanket Purchase Agreements, are these more like IDIQs with base years being funded at task orders?The MAS is an IDIQ contract. BPAs can be issued under the MAS and this is addressed in FAR 8.405-3. When a BPA is awarded, the funding is provided at the order/call level. Can you give an example of ANCILLARY vs. ANCRA vs. OLM?ANCRA - When the water line to the HVAC system springs a leek and sprays onto the drywall and stains it you can repair that area back to original. These services are also priced at the contract level and identified at the time of MAS award. ANCILLARY - This SIN is for products/supplies as well as services. Many services companies identify products that they may need to use when providing the maintenance service to a customer. These products and service are priced at the contract level and identified at the time of the MAS award. OLM -This is material or services that become known during the performance of an order and have not been identified at the time of the MAS award. These are priced at the order level and determined fair and reasonable by the customer agency that had placed the order. An example would be you are changing the location of an electrical outlet and discover that the drywall was glued to cinderblock so now there is more work than usual from something that was originally done incorrect that was not known.PBS Specific QuestionsWill the RFQs include a checklist and all of the samples previously mentioned, like SB plans?There are templates for a few of the items listed in the plan. Yes the RFQs will include a checklist. Samples either be included or have a link to locate them.Is GSA issuing work going forward using the GSA Schedule or will you use for posting the opportunity?For PBS requirements using the GSA MAS, solicitations may be posted to GSA eBuy, which is a benefit only given to GSA Schedule awardees. Solicitations would not be posted to for these requirements. See FAR 8.405-1 and FAR 8.405-2 for additional information.For vendors interested in pursuing a GSA MAS contract, please see the solicitation on Can you please explain the continuous contracts? What if my MAS contract is expiring in the next 5 years and I want to pursue a 10 year BPA with GSA PBS?In order to be eligible for a BPA award, you must have an underlying MAS contract that will not expire (i.e. its 20 year expiration date, inclusive of all potential options) during the BPA's period of performance. Please see the following website for additional information and work with your FAS Contracting Officer on submitting your streamlined offer: In Region 5, are Facilities Services contracts awarded via Low Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) or Best Value?To clarify, "best value" includes the spectrum of LPTA to a trade-off selection process. Region 5 typically awards most types of contracts via the best value, trade-off selection process.8(a) and HUBZone is particularly well-fitted for the FAC work -- what's the % of 561210 opps that will come out as small and more specifically as 8(a) and HUBZone?There are no projected percentages at this time. This will depend on the results of market research conducted on each procurement.Are SB HQ'd within the Region given preference over SB that are not located within the specific Region managing the acquisition?No, we don't give preference based on the location businesses are headquartered. We do business with firms all over the country. Will Chicagoland CFM come out unrestricted on the MAS Schedule?This strategy has not yet been determined but the initial plan is for it to go out unrestricted.What will the past performance/experience references require to be considered "similar"? That will be based on the individual requirements of each solicitation.In regards to Past Performances. How far back are you allowed to go?Each solicitation will specify. Typically not more than 5 years.Are MAS contract for O&M are current. Are they being canceled for CFM solicitations?Any current solicitation posted for O&M services will not be canceled.Back to the topic of the long term downstream effect to small businesses and our ability to compete in the future for contracts which require us to have “similar size and scope”: if, for example, there are ten contracts held by ten companies presently, then GSA bundles multiple contracts together and awards those new contracts as 10-year contracts, how do the companies that did not win one of them have three past performances in 10 years which would be of “similar As per the FAR, in the case of an offeror without a record of relevant past perormance or for whom information on past performance is not available, the offeror may not be evaluated favorably or unfavorably on past performance.Small Business QuestionsWe are an 8a firm. If we graduate from the 8a before end date of the 10-contract term, can we continue to finish the task order awarded? Can we bid on new task orders after we graduate? We are also WOSB, and SDB.GSA PBS intends to award single-award BPAs for its facilities management and maintenance needs. If a firm graduates from the 8a program during the BPA's period of performance, orders for additional/above standard services can still be issued to the awardee.CTAs – Can teaming partners cross socioeconomic categories? (i.e. Service Disabled Vet and a Total Small Business?)When forming a Team in response to a small business set-aside, all team members must meet the socioeconomic status for the set-aside and the limitations on subcontracting (FAR 52.219-14) apply. i.e. the small business team members must perform at least 50% of the value of the work to be completed. See for additional information.Can you discuss a CTA vs being a prime-sub team with a prime who holds a schedule but a sub who doesn’t??Each CTA member would need to have a GSA Schedule contract versus a prime/subcontractor relationship where the prime alone would only have to hold the Schedule contract. It would be up to the prime to determine the subcontractor arrangements to meet requirements of the solicitation..What happens if a teammate dropped out? Would the remaining team take over their responsibility if possible?The CTA Agreement should outline the process for team member replacement and liabilities. Does GSA have an 8a GWAC or super 8a? Is this type of vehicle acceptable?GWACs are established for IT solutions. For more information please see MAS being geared for larger businesses and subcontracting preventing small businesses from gaining prime level experience, how will PBS ensure that smalls get full opportunties and "spread the wealth"?To clarify, the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) is not "geared" for larger (or smaller businesses). Specifically - as the MAS is a consolidation of 24 legacy GSA Schedules into the 1 MAS, the scope and authority of the legacy purchasing is largely unchanged and the contract offerings are now aligned to specific SINs under the MAS. As stated in the presentation, GSA closed out Fiscal Year 2020 by awarding over $1.2 Billion to Small and Small Disadvantaged Businesses. The MAS is one of many acquisition services/solutions [including Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), Technology Contracts, and Assisted Acquisition Services] which utilizes a variety of tools, contract vehicles, and other services to meet specific Federal buyer needs. The MAS provides for Subcontracting opportunities which allows small businesses to sell to the government by partnering with a large business prime contractor. This does not prevent small businesses from" gaining prime level experience", in fact, Subcontracting opportunities allows small businesses to gain priceless experience, confidence, and insight into GSA Prime Contractor requirements (i.e., Subcontracting Goals, Subcontracting Plan and 'good-faith effort' fulfillment, Subcontractor Outreach Efforts, MAS contract requirements). GSA PBS MAS acquisition efforts are only as successful as the 1000's of contractors/vendors (approximately over 500 561210 FAC current contractors) which populate the MAS categories. Through GSA MAS - the Federal government's mo… Show All