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Contract Opportunity
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Dec. 14, 2021, 7:24 a.m.
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QuestionGovernment ResponseIf the incumbent exist could you please provide the historically staffed personnel positions titles and count currently working on contract? Period of performance. What will be the evaluation factors?The Government intends on releasing the DRAFT sections L&M as well as sharing the identification of current contracts that are anticipated to migrate to EDOS.Is there going to be a SBSA component to EDOS where there will be SB primes? Where will information on the EDOS acquisition be posted, i.e., eBuy, other?The Government anticipates having a SB subcontracting goal of 25% (total contract value) which aligns with the current IRS SB goals.What contract vehicle will be used, and will there be a draft?GSA MAS Information Technology is the current contract vehicle that is anticipated to be used (SIN 54151S)Are you still expecting only 2 awards? Can you give me a range of number of award?This is a multiple award BPA. A definitive number of BPA's has not been determined at this time. Please keep in mind the goals and objectives of the EDOS effort (i.e. consolidate similar/like efforts)Will there be “Technical Challenge” as part of the evaluation process?The Government does not anticipate conducting a "technical challenge" at this time.Will task orders be competed by individual system or by domain?It is anticipated that Task Orders will be competed amongst all BPA holdersIs it still going to drop on Alliant BIC GWAC?No. (see question #5)Are you considering an unique acquisition approaches that other gov agencies have used like a Tech Challenge that demonstrates capabilities of companies?See question #7 above.Will there be pre-requisites in order to submit a proposal? For example certifications that the prime or the team as a whole must possess (eg: CMMI, ISO, CMMC)? The draft PWS mentions CMMI level 3 guidelines and artifacts, will IRS require CMMI level 3 accreditation in services and/or development as a pre-requisite for submitting a proposal? Will this be required of the prime offeror, all members of the team, any member of the team?It is not anticipated that certifications will be a pre-requisite for proposal submission; however it is anticipated that CMMI, ISO and others will be required. The specific Task Orders will specify which certifications are required.Is an industry day anticipated after release of draft after holidays?At this time a follow on industry day has not been established.Just to confirm, the amount of the contract set aside for small business will be 25%, not 35%?See question #4 above.EDOS Industry Day - November 18, 2021