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PWS – Next Generation Water Prediction Capability


U.S. Department of Commerce

National Weather Service
Office of Water Prediction

Next Generation
Water Prediction Capability

Performance Work Statement

PWS – Next Generation Water Prediction Capability


Table of Contents

Introduction 1

1.1. Place of Performance 2

2. OWP Background and Mission 2

3. High Level Scope Overview 3

3.1. Evolve NOAA’s National Water Modeling Capabilities 3

3.1.1. Allow for Model Interoperability and Operational Reliability 4


Provide Maximum Flexibility and Ease of Use for Domain Scientists 4

3.1.3. Development and Annual Updates 4

3.2. Enhance Comprehensive and Real-Time Flood Inundation Mapping Services 5

3.2.1. Collect and Deliver FIM Benchmark Data 5

3.2.2. Deliver Enhanced FIM Prediction Capabilities 5

3.2.3. Deliver Enhanced FIM Services 5

3.3. Authoritative Hydrofabric Development 5

3.3.1. Define Standards and Best Practices 6

3.3.2. Develop Authoritative Hydrofabric that Supports the NWM and FIM 6

3.4. Agile Methods 6

3.5. Open-Source Development 6

4. Technical Requirements and Tasks 7

4.1. Task One – Deliver Next Generation Water Resources Modeling Capabilities 7

4.2. Task Two - Enhance Comprehensive and Real-Time Flood Inundation Mapping
Services 13

4.3. Task Three - Develop an Authoritative Hydrofabric: 21

IT Security Requirements 23

5.1. Security Posture 23

5.2. Security Control Updates 23



IT Security Requirements 23

IT Security and Testing 23

5.5. A&A Testing 23

5.6. Annual IT Security Training Requirements 24

5.7. Plan of Actions and Milestones 24

PWS – Next Generation Water Prediction Capability



IT Security Compliance 24

5.9. Security Forms 24

5.10. NOAA Training 24

6. Agile Software Development, Integration, and Test 24

6.1. Methodology 24


Integration and Test 25


Plan, Manage, and Execute Tasks 25


I&T Plan 25


I&T Activities 25


Incremental Testing 25

6.2.5. Vulnerability Testing 25

6.2.6. Test Procedures 25

6.2.7. Test Reports 25

7. Project Management 26

7.1. Project Management Requirements. 26

7.1.1. Overall Implementation Methodology 26


Schedule and cost management 26


Scope and requirements management 26

7.1.4. Quality management 27

7.1.5. Resource management 27

7.1.6. Risk, issue, and task management 27


Project information/documentation management 27


Project integration management 27


Integrated project change control 27


Configuration and software change management 27


Status reporting 28


Project analysis and presentation development 28

7.2. Labor Support Requirements 28

7.3. Key Personnel 28

7.4. Staffing Plan 31

7.5. Quality 31

7.5.1. Quality Control 31

PWS – Next Generation Water Prediction Capability


7.5.2 Quality Assurance 31

7.5.3 Contract Discrepancy Meetings 31

7.6. Risk Management 32

7.6.1. Risk Report 32

7.6.2. Risk Activities 32

8. Government-Furnished Property, Equipment, and Services 32

9. Contractor Furnished Equipment 33

10. Team Requirements 33

11. Performance Requirements Summary 34

12. Deliverables 37

13. Appendix A - References 46

PWS – Next Generation Water Prediction Capability


1. Introduction
The U.S. is facing emerging threats to our economic and national security, and ecosystem
and habitat health, from competing demands for our increasingly limited and stressed water
supply and extreme events (floods and drought) nationwide, in the context of aging water
infrastructure, degrading water quality, population growth, and climate change. The
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather Service
(NWS) is taking steps to enhance analysis and prediction of the nation’s water resources,
ranging from forecasts of floods to yearlong water supply, to the quality of water inland and
along the coasts in the context of an emerging earth system modeling framework.
Specifically, the NWS Office of Water Prediction’s (OWP’s) mission is to operationally
support and deliver science-based, integrated, consistent, timely, reliable and accurate water
resources monitoring, prediction and diagnostic information to the nation.

Water availability, quality, and risk lie at the nexus for food (via irrigated agriculture),
energy (via hydropower), ecosystems (especially protected resources), public safety
(especially floods and drought) and municipal and industrial water services. NOAA’s water
prediction services are and will continue to inform decisions to support the protection of life
and property, human and ecosystem health, recreational water use, and the optimal
allocation of water supply in the context of competing demand.

This Performance Work Statement (PWS) outlines the requirements to procure expertise in
a wide range of hydrologic and hydraulic sciences, geospatial and data sciences, engineering
services, software development, systems design and integration, and technical and
programmatic support.

By the end of the decade, OWP will implement a comprehensive set of improved and
innovative capabilities outlined below.

● National Water Model: The National Water Model (NWM) delivers critical water

information from summit to sea. Evolution of the NWM will include: reimagining and
transforming water prediction by integrating, evolving and delivering a state-of-the-art
modeling framework to address the needs of every community nationwide; developing
state-of-the-science hydrologic and hydraulic model formulations that can be integrated
into the modeling framework; and developing the tools and techniques to optimize
performance of the NWM operating within the framework. The Next Generation Water
Resources Modeling Framework (NextGen) will support the operational NWM
beginning in FY 2025.

● Flood Inundation Mapping (FIM) Services: Will revolutionize U.S. water prediction
capabilities by disseminating, for the first time in history, real-time, high spatial
resolution forecast flood inundation maps for nearly 100% of the U.S. population. This
forecast information will provide communities with access to critical, detailed flood
maps that facilitate proactive decision making before and during floods and prevent loss
of life and property damage.

Strategic Sourcing Acquisition Division – Draft for
OWP Industry Day – July 29, 2022

PWS – Next Generation Water Prediction Capability


● Authoritative Hydrofabric Solution: Will integrate high-resolution hydrographic,

topographic, bathymetric, and channel shape data, feeding both the NWM and FIM
service capabilities. The hydrofabric represents the collection of linked geospatial
datasets that describe the hydrologic and built environment and serves as the
fundamental basis upon which the models operate

Over the last decade, NWS has taken proactive steps to transform and innovate its modeling
capacity as well as move into a partner and customer-centric service delivery model to
create a Climate Ready Nation (CRN) that is prepared for, and responds to, weather, water,
and climate-dependent events. Building a CRN was identified by the Secretary of
Commerce as one of the top Department of Commerce (DOC) priorities. Next-generation
water modeling, FIM, and hydrofabric solutions support the Department of Commerce in
achieving a CRN.

1.1. Place of Performance

The Government will not provide on-site facilities for the day-to-day execution of this PWS.
All work will occur at the contractor’s facilities. Periodic on-site support at the following
facilities is expected to fulfill the requirements of this PWS:

● NOAA National Water Center NWC (Tuscaloosa, Alabama

● NOAA/NWS Headquarters (Silver Spring, Maryland)

● National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (Chanhassen, Minnesota)

2. OWP Background and Mission
The OWP was established in 2015; however, the organization’s water mission dates back to
the origins of NWS, when in 1891 the newly created Weather Bureau became responsible
for issuing flood warnings. OWP’s mission is to operationally support and deliver science-
based, integrated, consistent, timely, reliable, and accurate water resources monitoring, Show All