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Procurement of Research Evaluation and Statistics
Task Orders (PRESTO) Live Industry Day
– Audio Transcript (4/21/2022)
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[Speaker: Alean Miller]

Thank you for joining us for the Procurement of Research Evaluation and Statistics
Task Orders, called PRESTO, industry day. This industry day is part of a series of
industry engagement activities that IES is conducting as part of market research. To
stay current on PRESTO and future industry engagement activities, please continue
to visit – the Notice ID is provided on-screen [Notice ID: IESE220353AP].

Please also bear in mind the PRESTO draft SOW which can be accessed on, remains pending the conclusion of ALL market research activities.

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We appreciate you joining us today as we cover the following topics:

Opening remarks to formally kickoff today’s industry day event;

Background on IES and the PRESTO vehicle;

More information on the PRESTO scope categories, including examples of
the type of work that might be supported in each;

A review of questions received by industry via the web form provided on; and

Finally, an overview of the award schedule and upcoming industry
engagement activities.

Today’s content is intended to build on the information previously provided in a pre-
recorded industry day presentation that is accessible on While IES intends
to provide some examples of potential work in each scope category, the list is not
intended to be exhaustive or representative of every type of work that might be
supported by PRESTO.

Similarly, IES intends to address some common questions submitted by industry
partners, but the Government does so at their sole discretion and may not address
every question submitted thus far.

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With that said, thank you all again for joining us. For the purposes of today’s industry
day presentation. All participants have been muted and the meeting chat will remain
closed for the duration of today’s event. As such, the Q&A facilitation will address
only those questions previously submitted by the April 15th deadline via the Industry
Day Q&A web form, posted on – there will be NO live Q&A throughout the
course of today’s presentation. We greatly appreciate all those who previously
submitted questions via the Industry Day Q&A web form which is posted on

Additionally, the Industry Day Q&A web form will be re-opened for additional
questions which may be incorporated in the next Small Business Industry Day event

which is scheduled for April 26 – please visit to register for the small
business event if you are interested and have not already.

Now, I would like to present today’s speakers. My name is Alean Miller and I am both
the Contracting Officer Representative, or COR, on PRESTO, as well as a Senior
Contracts Manager at IES. I am joined today by Elise Christopher, Study Director of
Longitudinal Surveys, Stephen Provasnik, Deputy Commissioner of NCES, and
Endrias Leuleseged, Contracting Officer.

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[Speaker: Alean Miller]

Thank you, Calvin. The Institute of Education Sciences, or IES, is the statistics,
research, and evaluation arm of the U.S. Department of Education. IES is
independent and non-partisan, with a mission to provide scientific evidence on which
to ground education practice and policy and to share this information in formats that
are useful and accessible to educators, parents, policymakers, researchers, and the
public. For more information about IES, please visit the site shown on the screen

IES is preparing to release the PRESTO contract vehicle. PRESTO shall be a
multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract vehicle with an
initial five-year period of performance and optional award up to five additional years.

PRESTO is being issued to meet the following goals:

Recompete and expand previous ESSIN contract requirements to support
IES’ mission,

Provide a vehicle that supports IES, across all its Programs and Centers,
as well as the larger Department of Education as applicable, and

Provide access to a larger pool of qualified vendors and increased

At this time, I will hand the presentation over to Stephen Provasnik, who will provide
a brief overview of the PRESTO scope categories before beginning to walk through
some examples of work in each category.

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Scope Categories:

[Speaker: Stephen Provasnik]

Thanks, Alean, and thank you to all who have joined us for information on the
PRESTO contract vehicle today.

PRESTO is made up of five distinct scope categories with associated NAICS
codes assigned to each category. For your reference, the proposed NAICS
codes can be found in the appendix of this presentation.

This slide provides an overview of the five categories, which are (1) Education
Sciences Support Activities, (2) Assessment Development Support, (3)
Communications and Outreach, (4) Recruitment, and (5) IES Operational

Note that vendors may be awarded on more than one category. Additionally, task
orders will be issued with a primary scope category; however, a nominal amount
of scope may be included from another scope category.

The next slide is intended to highlight where small business has been taken into
consideration, starting with the acquisition strategy and PRESTO contract vehicle

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Scope Categories (Cont.):

Based on the results of our market research, IES anticipates that Categories 1
through 4 will contain both a “restricted” and “unrestricted” pool in each. The
requirements are the same in both pools, but there will be separate thresholds for
evaluation at the ID/IQ level and the restricted pool is limited to small business
offerors only.

Category 5 will be a small business set-aside, accessible only to small business

Task orders will be issued subsequent to the ID/IQ vehicle award, and additional
market research will be required for each task order request to determine
whether the work can be set-aside for small business vendors in the restricted

Please note, today’s presentation does NOT include details related to the
evaluation criteria for the vehicle awards– this type of information and more
instructions to Offerors will be provided in Section L of the Request for Proposal
or RFP.

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Scope Categories (Cont.):

The updated scope categories and their requirements (and sub-requirements)
can be seen on this slide. Scope categories and the draft SOW remain subject to
change throughout the course of PRESTO market research; however, the
Government anticipates (as I explained in the previous slide) having both a
restricted and unrestricted pool in Categories 1 through 4 and reserving Category
5 as a small business set-aside.

Industry partners already familiar with the draft SOW may note that some of the
initial Category 5 requirements have shifted or been re-distributed across
Categories 1-4. To re-iterate, these changes are tentative as of today and are not
reflected in the draft SOW currently available on

The next set of slides provides an overview of each scope category. We will
present some examples for each category in order to spotlight the type of
potential work that could be supported by vendors awarded task orders through
PRESTO. I want to stress that these are only illustrative examples, but we have
provided them to benefit industry partners who previously requested further
clarification of the scope category requirements.

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Category 1:

Category 1, “Education Sciences and Support Activities,” scope category 1 is
comprised of the work or activities required to conduct surveys and evaluations
that collect data and produce data products.

Category 1 is the largest of the PRESTO scope categories, and we intend to provide
examples of work that align with the highlighted requirements on the following slides.
These examples were provided by IES subject matter experts across its Programs
and Centers, and, while not an exhaustive list, they are intended to give you an idea
for the type of work PRESTO is currently scoped to support in Category 1.

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1.1.3 Data Processing, Management, and Data Creation:

Requirement 1.1.3, “Data Processing, Management, and Data Creation,”
includes expert support managing and converting data gathered during a study
or in an evaluation collection process, into organized data in fully documented
data files, ready for secondary analyses by the government and the public.

An example of this type of work includes the data monitoring of collection
activities in the National Center for Education Statistics, or NCES. NCES has a
need to monitor the data collection activities of its various national studies.
Additionally, there is a need to oversee the transfer of data between the data
collection systems, data editing systems, and data center.

This type of work requires the contractor’s understanding and familiarity with
statistical software, like SAS; databases, like SQL; and data analytics. Such
activities require the contractor to prepare and maintain code with… Show All