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NTWL Industry Day Question Day 1
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Nov. 10, 2009, 1:24 p.m.
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Questions asked during Day One NTWL Industry Day/Site Visit

USNTPS Questions and Answers:

Who does the painting? The painting is done internally by the contractor.

Does the school use NALCOMIS? Yes and for the T-6 we also use OOMA (Optimized Organization Maintenance Activity).

Do you use the same repair systems (O-I-D) as in the Navy fleet? Yes, and repairs are based on each T/M/S individually.

Are all Navy equipment/ assets owned or loaned? Owned.

When foreign planes on station, do they bring with them their own technical publications, log books etc? Yes. The only thing the TPS provides is hangar and outside space, and other assets needed to service their aircraft, such as power and nitrogen.

So, foreign aircraft will not be apart of this requirement? Correct, they will not be apart of this requirement.

Do you conduct depot level inspections? Navy Aircraft are sent to specific Depot site. Army aircraft have Aircraft Condition Evaluation (ACE). Performed onsite by team that comes to site.

Does the TPS have any shipboard requirements? No.

Do special projects ever call for overtime? Currently, the TPS predominantly doesn’t require overtime of their employees.

Do you share maintenance staff with other squadrons? Yes, but not often.

Do you have a separate facility to handle your aircraft fuel cells? No, but there is a separate location in the hangar for the fuel cell operations.

Do you have separate material control centers, one for rotary and one for fixed wing? No, they are located in the same place.

Where is the fixed wing line shack? In the parking lot.

Where is the rotary line shack? It is part of the hangar.

Will the LUH be a part of this contract? We don’t know at this time.

Do you have separate mechanics for rotary and fixed wing maintenance? Under the current contract, yes.

What is the office configuration of the hangar? The hangar is undergoing a 5 year refurbishment. The configuration of the hangar is due to change from what it currently is.

With all the new aircraft coming in, where will they be housed? In the same hangar with the current aircraft.

Where will the H-72’s go? The same hangar as all the rest of the current aircraft.

Regarding the flight line personnel and the back shop personnel, how are they organized? That will be determined by each contractor submitting a proposal.

Are spare parts kept here? No.

HX-21 Questions

Is configuration management conducted by the contractor? Yes, but the tracking is conducted by the Government.

QA vs. GIO- Does the contractor have the ability to sign off a plane ready for flight? Yes the contractor QA approves an aircraft ready for flight, but the GIO signs off on it as well.

3. Who conducts FCF ( functional check flight)? HX-21 is done by the military.

4. Who flies the test aircraft Military or contractor? Military.

Hangar 109

Is there a separate maintenance department for Hangar 109? We have one maintenance department for both hangars, but part of it is located in Hangar 109.

Is the Navy flying H-3’s ? The remaining H-3’s are located here, but will soon be phased out.

For SAR rescue missions, is 24/7 maintenance staff required? There are different levels of readiness and they are appropriately manned at all times.