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Industry Day Notes
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April 18, 2012, 9:38 a.m.
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Industry Day 28 Mar 2012, 1000 hours Meeting Minutes 1. Mr. Josefowicz from A7K welcomed all attendees and opened up the meeting at 10:00hrs. 2. The following personnel were in attendance from the US Government team: Mr. Gerald Johnson, HQ USAFE/A7A Mr. Allen Frey, HQ USAFE/A7AH Ms. Marianne Seufert, HQ USAFE/A7KS Mr. Matt Josefowicz, HQ USAFE/A7KS SSgt Adam Heim, HQ USAFE/A7KO Contracting Team: Mr. John Clarke , 52 CONS Ms. Andrea Josey, 52 CONS SSgt Randal Kyllo, 52 CONS A1C Kristen Curtis, 52 CONS Amn Nicholaus Grassl, 52 CONS Requirements Team: Mr. Hans Schulz, HQ USAFE/A7AH Mr. Dieter Diemer, 86 CES/CEJD Mr. Walter Klein, 52 CES/CEAC Industry Partners: See attach 1 3. Mr. Josefowicz explained the day’s events, introduced the Government personnel and gave instructions for the one-on-one meetings. 4. Ms. Seufert thanked industry members for taking the time to attend and explained that the Government is interested to hear comments & recommendations for the upcoming strategic sourcing of furniture for USAFE military installations. The team members working the acquisition are open to recommendations, questions and suggestions. 5. Highlighted points of interest presented by Ms. Seufert: - During FY10, over $9 million was spent on furniture for USAFE with 234 contracts. This did not include purchases made with the GPC. - Functional organizations are dissatisfied with the current process of purchasing furniture. Furniture received is often not in accordance with specifications, past performance was not being evaluated and deliveries were not timely. - The requirement for collapsible wardrobes was posted on FedBizOps, however, we still accept recommendations from industry. - Other upcoming solicitations include: appliances, dorm furniture and office furniture. The BPAs will range in length from 3-5 years. - 18 companies responded to our market research survey. The Request for Information (RFI) was posted on FedBizOps in Sept 2011. Most of the companies offer 5-10 year warranties on their products, and up to 20% discounts. All companies responded they could deliver throughout Europe. 6. Ms. Seufert introduced Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson welcomed the audience and thanked industry members for taking the time to attend this event. He also went on to say, this Industry Day is a basis to change the way USAFE is procuring furniture. 7. Ms. Seufert introduced Mr. Schulz from USAFE Asset Management, Housing section. Mr. Schulz presented different groups of furniture for living quarters (dorm rooms and houses) and displayed a list of loaner items as well as items that recipients may use for entire tour (i.e. appliances). Mr. Schulz explained the benefits of having the foldable wardrobes (ease of storage and transport.) He continued by giving an overview of current inventory and provided an overview for FY10 and FY11 expenditures. Estimated requirements for wardrobes this FY would be approximately 2500 units. 8. Ms. Seufert introduced Ms. Josey, the contracting officer, for this effort. She presented an overview of the acquisition strategy. Ms. Josey explained that currently the requirements will be broken down to four different groups/classes of items, which included folding wardrobes, appliances, loaner/dorm furniture and office furniture. The US Gov’t expects to award 2 – 4 BPAs for each group. Ms. Josey explained the importance of meeting delivery times and compliance with the specifications. The government intends to specify that all deliveries are shipped to the final destination. Expect solicitations for other requirements (loaner/dorm furnishings) no later than this summer. Cut-off date to submit questions for the wardrobes will be 2 April 2012. Mr. Josefowicz stated that history showed 50-200 units was the ordering range for wardrobes. Mr. Clarke stated anything under $25K could generally be bought with the GPC and that lower quantity’s generally = higher cost. 9. Ms. Seufert reminded everyone that they should have registered and been given a time for their one-on-ones, then discussed some of the common questions received from industry. 10. Mr Diemer presented the audience a sample of the government’s furniture to give industry an idea of USAFE’s furniture portfolio. 11. After lunch the government hosted one-on-one sessions with industry partners. 12. Industry Day adjourned at 1600 hours.